Denver Zoo offers buy-one, get-one admission February 14-17 in honor of Valentine's Day

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This week's cover story, "Beauty of the Beasts," is all about the matchmakers who help zoo animals find love. Or at least another animal to, you know, mate with. And some animals have a strange way of doin' it, as explained in our sidebar about weird mating habits. (Did you know male giraffes will lick female giraffes' urine to tell if they're ovulating?)

For a chance to see the, uh, romance in person, head to the Denver Zoo this weekend for a buy-one, get-one-free deal on admission in honor of Valentine's Day.

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Furloughed? Here's a list of deals for out-of-work feds, from restaurants to museums

Cassandra Kotnik
Centro Latin Kitchen, one of the participating Big Red F restaurants, is giving furloughed workers a welcome break.
Federal employees furloughed by the government shutdown are getting a welcome break right now from a few companies in the Denver-area who are sympathetic to their plight. These are in the form of everything from free museum admission to discounted booze and food.

Here's the breakdown:

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Local dating site Lumidate helps online daters avoid the marrieds, criminals and catfishers

Before the advent of online dating, people used to meet their dating partners in real life, making it slightly easier to get a feel for personalities, lifestyles, families, personal assets and compatibilities. Internet-based dating admittedly is a more convenient way to meet people, but it's got its inherent pitfalls as well, such as misrepresentation, scammers, no-strings sex-seekers, cheaters, scammers and plenty of brazen liars. There is no perfect system, and dating will always have risks, but Colorado's new Lumidate service seeks to keep folks honest -- by requiring full background checks for all members.

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Take on the big questions at Sunday School for Atheists...on Thursday

So. What's the deal with religion? Do we have it? Do we need it? Are we slaves to it? What's moral, and what's immoral? When Warm Cookies of the Revolution's bastard child, Sunday School for Atheists, is called to order, everything is fair game. That's right: Evan Weissman's civic health club, which draws people together in public places to talk about random stuff, has an offshoot devoted to questions of faith...or lack of it.

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3 things to do for free in Denver this week, April 29-May 2

Expand your mind with cultural experiences this week -- without straining your wallet. There are plenty of enriching activities in town this week that won't cost you a cent, everything from free performance art to a talk with an experimental filmmaker to a vinyl party. Feel free to post information on other free events in the comments section, and go to the Westword calendar for a full listing of things to do.

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Take a free ride on RTD's new W Rail Line tomorrow, and hit these hot spots along the way


It's been a long wait, but RTD's spanking new West Rail Line officially opened to passengers this morning. Tomorrow, however, the parties begin, as the transit organization opens all of its rail lines up for free rides, with themed community celebrations, also free, scheduled at most of the new West Line stations. Hop aboard! Continue reading for a list of sanctioned parties and one impromptu one, and then visit RTD online for maps and more information.

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3 things to do for free in Denver this week, April 22-26

Categories: Events, Free Stuff

Whether you're broke after a weekend of partying or simply a frugal, responsible adult who likes to go out for free, there's plenty in Denver to do this week that won't cost a dime. Choose to learn about green energy at the annual Earth Day celebration, watch a series of free form short films, and/or take in a documentary about political pranksters all without having to worry about opening your pocketbook. Leave links to more free events in our comments section, and read the Westword calendar for a full listing of things to do.

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- Win twenty free movie passes to Hollywood Theaters!

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Tonight: Colorado Book Award finalist Seth Brady Tucker reads from "Mormon Boy"

mormon boy.jpg
When I first encountered poet Seth Brady Tucker a few months ago, it was in the course of writing about the Words Beyond Bars Project, a book club for lifers at the Limon state prison. Tucker had visited the group and shared with them how he'd learned to love poetry -- both reading and writing it -- while serving as a paratrooper in the Gulf War. Some of those harrowing poems, about body bags and oil fires and young lives detoured, eventually made it into Tucker's potent collection Mormon Boy.

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-The lifers book club: Of mice and men, hopes and regrets at the Limon prison
- Russian list and combat tales make the reading list for the Limon prison book club

- Colorado Humanities might sell off the Ferril House. Throw the book at 'em.

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Actors playing apes in Dark Wood are naked -- and on "Nude Night," the audience can be, too!

Naked audience night at Denver's Dangerous Theatre!
Since apes don't wear clothes, the actors playing apes in Dark Wood, a Dangerous Theatre production that opened February 8, don't wear clothes, either. And on "Nude Night," set for this Friday, February 22, many of the audience members will strip down, too: It's a clothing-optional evening, and those who watch the show buck-naked won't have to shell out any bucks to see it.

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One Million Bones starts with you and your kids, today at RedLine

Fruita Monument HS in Colorado-1.jpg
The One Million Bones Project in process, at Fruita Monument High School.
This one's officially for the kids, but it's really about the whole world, and the suffering of people in other nations. As part of its ongoing Monthly Creative Literacy program in collaboration with the Denver Public Library, RedLine will host the second of two One Million Bones art events in Denver this afternoon.

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- RedLine show opens tonight which showcases the art of formerly-homeless Denver residents

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