Andy Kindler on hack comics, his new CD and criticizing comedy from within

Susan Maljan
Andy Kindler is widely known for his recurring roles on Bob's Burgers and Everybody Loves Raymond, but he's revered among comedy nerds for his scathing State of the Industry addresses at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, which in the past has included gems such as "Adam Carolla is like Hitler if Hitler weren't funny." He's appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman close to forty times and has a prominent role on season two of IFC's Maron. Kindler is in town this week to headline Sex Pot comedy's six-month anniversary showcase at the Oriental Theater; the aptly titled Sex Pot American Summer also features Chuck Roy, Mara Wiles, Christie Buchele, Bobby Crane and host Jordan Doll. In advance of the Friday night show, Westword recently spoke with Kindler about how hackery has changed, his upcoming album release and criticizing comedy from within.

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The four most cannabis-unfriendly events this 4/20 weekend

Ludlow photograph from the Pueblo History Museum
While 4/20 is celebrated by stoners worldwide, Coloradans do it better than anybody else: A day of unity and political activism where participants can spend their every waking moment consuming cannabis is hard to beat, holiday-wise. But April 20 this year also happens to be Easter Sunday and the fifth night of Passover. While kicking off your private seder with a kush Kiddush, or hunting for medible-stuffed Easter eggs while gorging on Peeps and Cadbury cremes with a group of fellow adult stoners, are both fine ways to celebrate this unique confluence of holidays, most official celebrations this weekend are either religious or kid-centric in nature. As such, there will be no kind of any kind encouraged. While no one can prevent you from attending any of these events under the influence, if you show up red-eyed and reeking, be prepared for askance glances from concerned parents and clergy -- particularly if you keep giggling at the phrase "askance glances."

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Andy Haynes on Midnight Run, 9/11 jokes and getting heckled during his own comedy special

Andy Haynes is a veteran of several standup scenes, moving from Washington, D.C., to Seattle, then from New York to Los Angeles, cultivating his sharp joke-telling style and putting in strong appearances on Conan and the Comedy Central Half Hour. Haynes is also known for his Midnight Run comedy showcase, which gets comedians unreasonably stoned and then lets them sort through the weirdness onstage. A natural fit for the Sexpot Comedy brand, Haynes is in town this week to bring his Midnight Run showcase to an appreciative and equally stoned Denver audience. In advance of the April 17 date, Westword talked with Haynes about Midnight Run, 9/11 jokes and getting heckled.

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Getting stoned with comedian Sam Tallent

Categories: Getting Stoned

Sam Tallent officiating at the marriage-vow renewal of Christopher and Bethany Baker.
The members of the Fine Gentleman's Club make no secret about how much they love getting high. Over the last year, some of us at Westword have had a lot of fun smoking up with comedians and musicians and asking them oddball questions that have nothing to do with anything important. In the course of interviewing standup comedian Sam Tallent for this week's cover story on FGC, we took some extra time and got blitzed with this giant of humor and chat about why stoned crowds don't laugh, Grecian mobsters with ice cream, and whether or not he would eat a talking goat.

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Photos: The people, dogs and joints of 4/20 in Civic Center

4:20 people 1.jpg
All photos by Brandon Marshall.
This weekend's 4/20 celebration, which was marked by a shooting that left three people injured, gathered tens of thousands of marijuana enthusiasts together in Civic Center Park. Before the two-day party in the park was cut down to one this year, photographer Brandon Marshall captured these scenes of Coloradans participating in the highest of holidays. Continue reading for a few highlights, and visit our full slide show for more photos.

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Pot roast: Best zingers at Comedy Works

Charles C. Pang
Comedy Works South threw a pot roast Wednesday evening, luring in over 300 hungry patrons for a feast of second-hand smoke and light-hearted mockery. Hosted by the affable Chuck Roy, the lineup included Comedy Works owner Wende Curtis; such club veterans as Roger Rittenhouse, George McLure and Steve Mudflap McGrew, local heroes including Nora Lynch, Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald (carrying his suspiciously mellow chihuahua Yoda) and Josh Blue; and relative newcomers Jodee Champion, Derrick Rush and Sam Tallent.

McLure and McGrew brought the wizened perspectives of recovering addicts to their performances, coaxing delayed laughs from an audience so thoroughly blazed that many of them needed a few extra seconds to absorb a punchline. The generational clash between the roasters on the dais contributed to the kind of comic tension that only kind can relieve.

Here are some of the best zingers from the pot roast. Mind you, these are not strictly verbatim, as memories of the evening are appropriately hazy.

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Getting stoned with comedian/musician Chella Negro

After years of performing her soul-folk songs around the Denver music scene, Chella Negro hooked up with this town's blossoming comedy community when she joined the all-female sketch group LadyFace.

Proudly public about her affection for ganja, Negro was the ideal candidate for our Getting Stoned With series, in which we sit down with our favorite entertainers to get lit and ask some strange questions.

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Getting stoned with comedian Chris Charpentier

Chris Charpentier of the stand-up comedy team Fine Gentleman's Club
Few conversations reach the caliber of weirdness as ones that involve marijuana, entertainers and a tape recorder. And now that Amendment 64 has turned the ritual of pot-smoking into as normal a social custom as Sunday afternoon football, we at Westword have begun spending time with our favorite Denver musicians and comedians in various states of red-eyed giggliness.

Chris Charpentier of Fine Gentleman's Club has one of the greatest appreciations for cannabis in the Denver comedy scene. While many standups are having children and only smoking on the weekends as a post-performance come-down, Charpentier remains a 24-hour party person, enjoying the mind-zapping creative rush of being truly blitzed while standing before a crowd of expectant faces.

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Getting stoned with Benjamin King Anders

Britt Chester
Last month Colorado made history by becoming the first state where residents voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use. In honor of this momentous occasion -- and while the specific legalities are being ironed out with the feds -- Backbeat, our music blog, decided to catch up with various members of the music community, the known imbibers, to get their thoughts on the issue. And now Show and Tell has decided to get in on the act. To kick things off, we're featuring local jeweler/glass collector Benjamin King Anders, who's shared his thoughts on Amendment 64 and how the new law will affect the community at large.

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