Colorado ID cuts coke but not tension on HBO's Girls

Girls CO ID 2.jpg
This ID was up to no good on Girls over the weekend.
On "Bad Friend," the episode of the zeitgeist-courting HBO comedy Girls that aired Sunday, the characters decide to buy some coke and indulge in cocaine-related hijinks. At one point, Lena Dunham's character, Hannah, and Andrew Rannell's Elijah are seen chopping out lines on a toilet seat and the camera lingers on the implement of choice: Elijah's Colorado ID.

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In honor of snow in the mountains: The ten best South Park ski instructor memes

It's snowing in the mountains -- finally -- which means we might actually have a ski season after all. In honor of the fluffy stuff (not to mention early-morning I-70 traffic, overpriced tickets and sub-zero temperatures), we present some of our favorite memes of Thumper, the super cool ski instructor from the South Park episode "Asspen."

He has a lot of good advice. Oh, and if you want to learn more about that episode and the meme, check out

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"Seeking gay nudist roommate": The best apartment ad we've seen in a long time

man chest nude.jpg
We here at Show and Tell receive tips from a lot of strange and surprising places -- including, recently, a laundromat near the Ninth and Corona King Soopers. That's where one eagle-eyed tipster discovered the most oddly specific (and generally glorious) roommate ad we've ever seen. We'll give you a hint: For this roommate, no shoes and no shirt are definitely no problem. Continue reading for details on the clothing-optional living situation -- and the burning questions the ad inspired in us.

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Ten best Missed Connections to come from the 2012 election

election night missed connection image.jpeg
Brandon Marshall
Slide show: Election night in Denver
The election is a time for taking sides -- on issues, on candidates, on which of the watching parties has the best drink specials. But this year's election joined a few sides along the way. (This is where you can go ahead and imagine is winking at you.) Continue reading for the best Craigslist missed connections to result from the 2012 election in Denver. Based on an extremely unscientific poll, it appears Obama melted more hearts than Romney -- but we're still waiting on the rest of the results.

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"To the hot zombie with a dead baby": The ten best Halloween Missed Connections on Craigslist

halloween missed connection.jpeg
Christopher Morgan
Think back on last night -- or even better, last weekend. How did you spend your Halloween? Was it wild? Wonderful? Just weird? Chances are you probably invoked a bit of all three holiday spirits during your costumed festivities, and maybe you attracted some attention along the way.

These people certainly did. Keep reading for the ten best Craigslist Missed Connections to have come out of Halloween in Denver this year. (And feel free to leave your own in the comments section.)

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Wahl's 'Man of the Year' facial hair contest is coming to Denver

Wahl's 2011 Man of the Year winner
Beer and beards. It's one of the greatest combinations in the history of the world. And luckily for guys with facial hair who like drinking beer, Wahl Home Products will be passing through Denver during the Great American Beer Festival, handing out $500 to the man with the best beery beard -- with a chance at $1,000.

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Debate 2012: The twenty best Big Bird memes to result from Romney's comment

big bird 9.jpeg
Is Big Bird endangered? If today's Internet anger counts, maybe not.
The wild round-about that was last night's presidential debate came with a big load of soundbytes ("And by the way, I like coal"), none of them more Google-friendly than Romney's take on the large yellow star of Sesame Street. Romney told the world he loves Big Bird but would still cut funding to PBS. "I'm not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for," he said.

For fans of the world's bizarrely proportioned bird, this was the shot heard round the world. And the morning after, the Internet has exploded with fake (and funny) social media accounts devoted to the fair-feathered mutant -- and hundreds of memes to go with them. Continue reading for our twenty favorite takes on the beef between Romney and Big Bird.

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Six ways the Big Blue Bear could make over his image

big blue makeover 6.jpeg
All illustrations by Jay Vollmar.
Since 2005, "I See What You Mean," arguably Denver's most beloved piece of public art, has been photographed, imitated and miniaturized. The sculpture outside of the Colorado Convention Center, nicknamed the Big Blue Bear, has been laughed at, loved, lingered over, tagged with a yarn-made ball and chain and pranked with a Big Blue Piece of Poop. It's even lent its name to a food truck and a new garden.

And after seven years, Big Blue is getting a bit of a facelift. But will it go far enough?

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Seven Colorado icons we'd like to see immortalized in a corn maze

drunk corn maze.jpg
All illustrations by Jay Vollmar.
The Fritzler family will go down in history as proud, card-carrying Coloradans -- in large part because this LaSalle family has already made its mark in corn. For the past twelve years, the Fritzlers have created epic and (mostly state-centric) corn mazes, the most recent of which honors Broncos star Peyton Manning. They've got a great repertoire started -- all of which you can see in the post below -- but we've got some suggestions. Continue reading for the Colorado figures we'd like to see commemorated in corn.

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Seven Denver spots that could benefit from David Beckham's H&M statue

beckham mmj.jpeg
All photo illustrations by Jay Vollmar.
Metro Denver will welcome another H&M store tomorrow, but sadly, even though statues of the store's body model, David Beckham, appeared in three cities last week, Denver is not getting one. (For a consolation prize, just look at those abs. Now try to look away.) In preparation for the chain's latest addition, this time at Broomfield's FlatIron Crossing , we thought long and well, hard, about where we'd like to see Beckham's bod appear in Denver. Continue reading for photos that show just how well Beckham would bend this city's already stunning scenery:

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