HoodLamb will celebrate the hemp lifestyle and art at HoodLab tonight

Adam Dunn opens a new shipment of coats in HoodLab.

HoodLamb is a vibrant hemp company that landed in Colorado when it decided to expand beyond Europe, where it was founded almost two decades ago. With this area's growing cannabis culture, as well as lively art and music scenes, Denver seemed the perfect place to infuse with both its product and projects.

HoodLamb's store, HoodLab, which doubles as an art gallery, sells the famous HoodLamb winter coats that have been worn by celebrities from Snoop Dogg to Willie Nelson. And the business's eco-friendly, organic approach also resonates with the local MMJ community, which congregates at the Lab every First Friday for rocking parties. Tonight HoodLab will welcome another artist to its gallery, photographer Kim Sidwell, with a party that doubles as a pro-Amendment 64 rally.

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DasHAUS: The future is here, in Sustainability Park

dasHaus copy.jpg
dasHAUS: What's on the horizon of home-building.
What is dasHAUS? Created in Germany, the compact pavilion demonstrates the most up-to-the-minute green technologies in home-building, from the sleekest of sustainable materials to renewable energy systems. Packed full of bright ideas, dasHAUS started a fourteen-city tour of the U.S. a year ago; now it's at home in Denver's Sustainability Park, the tour's last stop, for a ten-day layover. Following is an introductory video.

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Ruby Ann Boxcar brings trailer park truth to Denver County Fair

ruby ann boxcar.jpg
Ruby Ann Boxcar is one of the bonafide stars of this year's Denver County Fair, which runs tomorrow through Sunday. Hailed as the Dame Edna of the Trailer Park, Boxcar is a performer, speaker, and the author of numerous cookbooks that celebrate the art of frugal, second-hand living. A big personality with hair to match, Boxcar will share some of her white-trash wisdom with fairgoers during several workshops and activities that explore everything from gastronomy to cheap-and-green crafting. We asked Boxcar, who visits Denver by way of her hometown of Panbgurm, Arkansas, to give us a taste of what she's cooking up this weekend.

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Denver's streetcar routes are retraced by the Rail~Volutionaries

bikes at hops and pie.jpg
Streetcar trekkers stop for beer at Hops & Pie on Tennyson Street.
To the stroller-pushing mommies and patio-side drinkers who lined West 32nd Avenue on Sunday afternoon, it probably looked like just another Cruiser ride, as thirty folks on bikes trekked up the Highland hills in Sunday's 100-degree heat.

Yet this sweaty mass, organized by the Denver New Rail~Volutionaries, was on a mission to retrace a living thread of Denver history: The Denver Tramway Company's Number 5 streetcar line.

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Sing the vehicle electric: The Electric Avenue expo and Revenge of the Electric Car

Categories: Green

It's Colorado Rides Electric Day -- who knew? Designed to ride shotgun to the World Renewable Energy Forum now at the Colorado Convention Center, the celebration includes a two-day Electric Avenue electric car expo that's free and open to the public from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Representatives of charging station manufacturers as well as resources for EV owners will be on hand; there will be demos of the latest EVs nearby at 15th and California streets. And, of course, food and drink will be available.

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Artists and UrbiCulture work together to make the Santa Fe district bloom

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Meehan
Artists from the Arts District on Santa Fe have been working with UrbiCulture to create a new urban farming space, Gabrielle's Garden, in the La Alma and Lincoln Park neighborhood, adjacent to the art district. The farm, which is just one of the many spaces UrbiCulture farms each year in urban and low-income communities, will grow fresh produce to be sold at affordable prices for locals.

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DJ Cavem is spreading the love -- and the word on food justice -- in Uganda

Categories: Green, People

Produce Section(ietefportrait)small.jpg

Ietef Cavem Vita, aka DJ Cavem Moetivation, worked the crowd at Artopia, he says, for at least the last four years. But he won't be there tomorrow because he has more important work to do: Today he flies out of Denver on a trip that will eventually land him in Uganda, where he's traveling as a Bold Food Fellow to exchange ideas about food justice and urban-agricultural know-how with his African brothers and sisters, for nearly three weeks.

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