How to Tell the Difference Between a Hipster and a Bro

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Bro vs. Hipster

The first Bro Show - billed as "everything a man needs, all in one place" - filled the Denver Mart with classic cars, mixed-martial-arts contests, beer pong, guns, food, women in tight T-shirts, and beer, lots of beer, over this past weekend. But amid all this manly merchandise, one thing was definitely in short supply: hipsters.

Although hipsters appreciate irony, they could get a heaping helping of that just by donning a flannel shirt and stopping in at the nearest sports bar to suck down a PBR or two, completely incognito.

Here, for those who missed the Bro Show, is our handy guide to distinguishing bros from hipsters.

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Ten best comedy events in Denver this March

Comedy Central's Broad City
As the arrival of spring melts away the remaining sludge of the February doldrums, comedy blooms anew in March. With visits from veteran standups, sets by hilarious newcomers and a chance to see the stars of TV's funniest sketch comedy series in person, there's a vast and crowded field of new entertainment options in Denver. While the lion's share of March's comedy offerings are imported, the lineup also includes a promising new free local showcase and the second round of the Comedy Works Funny Final Four contest. The fact that so many of these events take place in concert venues like the Gothic and Paramount is a testament to the drawing power of the headlining acts we have in town this month, as well as to Denver's boundless hunger for comedic entertainment. Here are the ten best comedy events to feed that hunger.

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Five most Cusackian John Cusack movies -- celebrate the actor tonight

Say Anything, Gracie Films
Join These Things Matter hosts Kevin O'Brien and Taylor Gonda tonight at the Lost Lake Lounge for These Things Matter Night, a live podcast recording dedicated to the films of John Cusack, whose Rob Gordon character in High Fidelity inspired both the title of the podcast and the obsession with pop-cultural minutiae that keeps it going. "Cusack was one of the first things Taylor and I bonded over," says O'Brien. "I've discovered there is a whole legion of man-boys and lady-dudes who, like myself, spent [their] teen years trying to replicate Cusack's angst." To celebrate the career of the actor who continues to inspire them, Gonda and O'Brien have programmed a full evening of Cusack-related entertainment, with screenings and musical performances from SPELLS and Lisa Prank. They'll also be conducting brief interviews with any guest who wants to lionize Cusack for the podcast. Explains O'Brien: "We figured, why not hear from all the other Cusack-philes out there?"

In honor of tonight's event, Westword revisited the filmography of John Cusack and hand-picked his most definitively Cusackian roles. These movies are each thoroughly entertaining on their own merits, but together they illuminate the precise nature of Cusack's appeal. Old-school Cusack fans may notice the conspicuous absence of his broader '80s comedies. Unlike the man himself, Cusack movies like Better Off Dead have aged very poorly. 1985's The Sure Thing is a film that, like promise rings and the music of Rush, is strictly intended to entertain virgins. True fans can hardly begrudge this list, however, as it covers every shade of Cusack, and includes a legitimate masterpiece, two beloved cult classics, a half-forgotten potboiler that deserves a critical reappraisal, and a movie that features what is arguably the best boyfriend of cinema history in its ranks.

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Horndribbles' Lucas Richards on hipsters, kid's toys and the Denver arts community

Lucas & Horndribbles.jpg
Burke Raby
Lucas Richards and his Cuddly Cryptozoological Creations.
Lucas Richards, creator of the Horndribbles, is ready to take his project to the next level. Initially, each Horndribble functioned like a unique soft sculpture; now Richards hopes to cut down on the labor involved in this labor of love in order to introduce the toys to a new generation.

Westword caught up with Richards in advance of Return of the Horndribbles, an event slated for April 15 at the Children's Museum, where he and his partner, Devon Braun of Explorer's Playground, will debut a story book and a line of Horndribbles manufactured for sale as toys. An RSVP is requested, as space is limited; visit the Facebook event page to let them know you're coming.

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Photos: The fifteen best Jell-O wrestling scenes from Lucha-Rama at Beauty Bar

Categories: Hipsters, Photos

lucharama 2013 1.jpg
All photos by Brandon Marshall.
Jell-O is good for your fingernails -- so rubbing it all over your body can't hurt, right? Over the weekend, Beauty Bar brought in gallons of the snack food for the latest Lucha-Rama, an event that combines both pit wrestling and lucha libre wrestling in two separate (and messy) battles. Continue reading for the fifteen best Jell-O scenes, and visit our full slide show for more photos.

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Demetri Martin on Woody Guthrie, prop-comedy and not being a hipster

Demetri Martin33.jpg
Demetri Martin is headed for Denver
Demetri Martin's polished micro-jokes, nervous stare and intense appreciation of aesthetics have made him a welcome antidote to the wave of loud and sloppy comedians who have dominated the scene over the last decade. In advance of Martin's visit to Comedy Works South this Sunday for two shows (one is sold-out), we caught up with the floppy-haired emodian (emo + comedian = emodian) to get his thoughts on music in standup, whether hipsters will die out, and what it was like being a 34-year-old "Senior Youth Correspondent" for The Daily Show.

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Comedian Rory Scovel on crowd tension, Bobcat Goldthwait and why Aurora didn't steal Batman from him

Rory Scovel Headshot 2.jpg
Baby-faced Rory Scovel has been lighting up the comedy world with his classic observational humor, mixed with context-free voices that he applies randomly to no particular jokes or bits (he's been known to drift into a German accent at random points in the show, and may or may not continue with it throughout an entire set). After making the rounds of festivals and late-night television and starring in his own Comedy Central special, Scovel recently ventured into the dangerous world of sitcoms, selling a pilot to ABC in which he stars. Scovel will be performing through Sunday, February 3 at Comedy Works, and he recently sat down with us to chat improv, comedy politics and why the Aurora theater shootings could not destroy his pervasive obsession with Batman.

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Colorado ID cuts coke but not tension on HBO's Girls

Girls CO ID 2.jpg
This ID was up to no good on Girls over the weekend.
On "Bad Friend," the episode of the zeitgeist-courting HBO comedy Girls that aired Sunday, the characters decide to buy some coke and indulge in cocaine-related hijinks. At one point, Lena Dunham's character, Hannah, and Andrew Rannell's Elijah are seen chopping out lines on a toilet seat and the camera lingers on the implement of choice: Elijah's Colorado ID.

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Getting stoned with comedian/musician Chella Negro

After years of performing her soul-folk songs around the Denver music scene, Chella Negro hooked up with this town's blossoming comedy community when she joined the all-female sketch group LadyFace.

Proudly public about her affection for ganja, Negro was the ideal candidate for our Getting Stoned With series, in which we sit down with our favorite entertainers to get lit and ask some strange questions.

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Lucky '13: Michael Trundle, Lipgloss co-founder and resident DJ

Categories: Hipsters

This past year has been tough for many people, and we're eager to kiss 2012 goodbye. In hopes that 2013 will turn out to be much luckier for many, we invited some of the town's cultural tastemakers -- entrepreneurs and entertainers we're lucky to have in Denver -- to answer a trio of questions. We excerpted quotes from these Q&A's in the New Year's Guide inserted in the December 13 issue of Westword, but we'll be featuring the complete interviews in a series of posts through the end of the year. Up next: Michael Trundle.

For more than a decade, Michael Trundle has orchestrated the indie Friday nights on the dancefloor of Denver's sweatiest music fans. More than your typical flashes of strobe lights and generic beats, Lipgloss was founded and designed as a dance night for record nerds. In May, Trundle caused a bit of controversy when he moved Lipgloss from its established location at La Rumba, over to the newly minted Beauty Bar in Capitol Hill. In our interview, Trundle talks about his decision to move to a smaller venue, all in the name of preserving what he's always treasured about Lipgloss: eclectic music, sincere energy and more gay people.

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