Twenty of the Best Adults-Only Halloween Parties

Brandon Marshall for Westword.
Party goers from last year's Exotica Erotica Ball, going on this year in both Denver and Boulder.
Halloween takes over the month of October, providing plenty of places to party and play in costume. There's a lot to do and see around the city during this spooky season; here we've compiled a list of the top twenty haunted throwdowns catering to the mature crowd. (Don't worry, we've got kid-friendly and Dia de los Muertos events lists coming your way, too.)

Those looking for something a little scarier and sexier can check into a paranormal investigation of a Capitol Hill haunt or hit several parties with big cash prizes for the most innovative costumes. You can find more possibilities in the online Westword calendar -- but this list should fill your trick-or-treat bag with a spooky good time.

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Twenty family-friendly things to do and see in Colorado this Fourth of July weekend

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Ken Hamblin for Westword.
With the Fourth of July holiday landing on a Friday this year, Colorado will be home to patriotic celebrations full of music, food, fun and fireworks (of course) all weekend long. We've rounded up twenty of the best family-friendly spots to celebrate, whether right here in the city, on the plains or up in the mountains.

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The four most cannabis-unfriendly events this 4/20 weekend

Ludlow photograph from the Pueblo History Museum
While 4/20 is celebrated by stoners worldwide, Coloradans do it better than anybody else: A day of unity and political activism where participants can spend their every waking moment consuming cannabis is hard to beat, holiday-wise. But April 20 this year also happens to be Easter Sunday and the fifth night of Passover. While kicking off your private seder with a kush Kiddush, or hunting for medible-stuffed Easter eggs while gorging on Peeps and Cadbury cremes with a group of fellow adult stoners, are both fine ways to celebrate this unique confluence of holidays, most official celebrations this weekend are either religious or kid-centric in nature. As such, there will be no kind of any kind encouraged. While no one can prevent you from attending any of these events under the influence, if you show up red-eyed and reeking, be prepared for askance glances from concerned parents and clergy -- particularly if you keep giggling at the phrase "askance glances."

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April Fool's Day is fun, if you're good at it

Facebook, we can do better than this joke.
Within the first few weeks of our relationship, my boyfriend and I had told each other everything. I think that in the modern cultural lore of love, one of the ways a true "connection" with someone is established is if you have the comfort and desire to air all of your dirty laundry to them. I did this and so did he, rehashing past relationships, personal struggles and stories from childhood we had never shared with anyone else. So I was surprised when, after a few more weeks had passed, he revealed that he had two children from past relationships. And by surprised I mean fucking furious.

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Parties, parades and pub crawls: Twelve things to do in Denver on St. Patrick's Day weekend

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Danielle Lirette
Whether you lay claim to an Irish heritage or not, St. Patrick's Day has become a holiday for everyone. In Colorado, we've got plenty of Celtic pride to go around, beginning with a gathering at the Molly Brown House tonight and continuing through Monday with block parties, pub crawls, parades and more. To help you plan your revelry, we've compiled a list of some of the best green apparel-required shindigs in town. Take note: some events are all-ages and some are adults-only, so check each event's website for more details. And if you know of more worthy St. Paddy's Day activities, post them in the comments section below.

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Valentine's Day: The braggart's holiday

How every day feels to me.
I don't even remember what I was doing on Valentine's Day 2013. That's because I'm the kind of person who lets the individual feeling of each holiday be dictated by my own current selfish standing in the world. Last year, I was so far from being in love that Valentine's Day could just fuck right off.

Born a cynic, a Catholic and a Virgo, being in love has proven to be a rather difficult, uncomfortable and by most accounts, unnecessary thing. But not long after V-Day passed last year, that rat bastard of love found me and turned me into a most obnoxious and outspoken advocate for the emotion and lifestyle that is love.

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Casablanca: Here's looking at you in Denver this week

Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without at least one showing of Casablanca, one of the greatest love stories of all time. But Bogart and Bergman will meet up several times over the next week on screens across the city, at evenings featuring everything from the movie and a martini to a full Casablanca immersion complete with a live score. Here's looking at you -- and where to do it.

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Ring in the New Year before midnight at these offbeat events

We all have our New Year's Eve rituals -- from parties wild or romantic to a quiet toast at home. Some folks turn in before the clock even strikes midnight, and in Denver, others will be bundling up their families to catch fireworks downtown for free. How bout you? Looking for something offbeat? Here are a couple of those.

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Ten fun things to do in Denver on New Year's Day 2014

For many, New Year's Day is the unofficial closing of the holiday season -- the last hurrah before school and work recommence. Since it's a federal holiday, a lot of places close down, but there's still plenty to do, and we've compiled a list of interactive museum exhibits, restorative yoga classes, icy lake jumps to start off 2014.

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Photos: F%CK Xmas flipped off Christmas with mayhem and sexy ladies at 3 Kings Tavern
Since some people just can't wait for Christmas to be over, 3 Kings threw open its doors on December 25 for the annual F%CK Xmas! celebration, a night of anti-holiday carousing with PBRs and the lovely ladies of Ooh La La. Photographer Brandon Marshall joined in the fun, snapping these images and more (some images might be NSFW).

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