Prud Collective Launches Ethical Fashion With a Fashion Show and Pop-Up Shop on Thursday

All photos by Amfo Connolly
African tradition meets Colorado style on Thursday, December 18 at Beacons Community Creative Space, where Prud Collective will host an Ethical Fashion launch of its new spring 2015 line with a pop-up shop, cocktails and a fashion show. Prud founder Dacia McPherson's love of American, Japanese and Scandinavian styles are clear in the collection, as are the artistic influences of her design team.

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Adopting a Pet is Easy, If You're the Right Kind of Human For A Furry Companion

Flickr/Stefano Mortellaro
Back in the late '90s, when I was preparing to rent my first apartment, there were three things on my list that the potential home had to have: it had to be in Capitol Hill, I had to be able to smoke cigarettes in the place, and it had to be pet-friendly. I didn't have any animals at the time, but I wanted a cat. I eventually found that apartment -- a nasty basement two-bedroom off of Colfax Avenue by Scooter Liquors -- and I adopted a cat. I named him Scooter after the liquor store, because those are the choices a nineteen-year-old makes. Scooter was my baby.

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The Mayday Experiment: Looking to the Future -- Through Windows!

Lauri Lynnxe Murphy
Lauri Lynnxe Murphy (left) and Victoria Salvador in the loft of the tiny house.
After a big problem when we tried to level the tiny house, I returned the broken jacks to Harbor Freight. (Thank you to the kind manager and clerk who took them back, even though they were past the ninety-day deadline -- when something looks that dangerously broken, I suppose you have no choice, but they still did me a solid.) There I picked up two jack stands, thinking that with the two remaining working jacks plus those, we would get the tiny house leveled. But first we would have to get it moved - when it fell, it wound up a foot closer to the street and too close to the tree.

Still, Victoria Salvador and I were determined to get these windows in before the big snow, no matter what. To that end, she had brought her friend Edgar Arvizu, a maintenance man with mad skills, and I had invited three art students I had met while speaking to Jennifer Garner's Metropolitan State University class the week before: Meredith Bowdish, my new intern whose thesis was about tiny houses, and Tony Bearzi and Jamie Devendorf, both of whom were enthusiastic due to their own tiny-house dreams.

Step one of the process was to hitch the house up to Bertha and begin the painful back and forth of maneuvering it into place.

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The Five Best Foreign Christmas Films

Categories: Film and TV

"Tokyo Godfathers" is a Christmas tale of three homeless friends who go on a mission to return a missing baby.

Christmas is a shared experience around many parts of the world. There are different traditions and celebrations, but whether it's Joyeux Noël or Meri Kurisumasu, Christmas has central themes that we can relate to wherever we are. This year, put away the tired classics and opt for something with a different flavor. Here are our five best foreign Christmas movies.

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Signal to Noise Leads Sci-Art Movement at Denver International Airport

Jeff Merkel
Director of Signal to Noise Jeff Merkel smiles at his newest creation, "Open Windows."
Sitting in the cozy mastering room tucked into the back of his RiNo office space, Jeff Merkel can't help but smirk. "It's been a while since I've been in here," he says, looking around at the various speakers on the wall. In fact, it's been a long time since Merkel has done anything related to recording music. Instead, he's been in his workshop, getting down to what really makes him tick: sci-art. As the director of Signal to Noise Media Merkel's had his mind on science-based art projects for a while.

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Photos: A Holiday Shoot With Suzanne Heintz and Her Mannequin Family

Photographer Suzanne Heintz shoots a family Christmas card just like any self-respecting matriarch would, but with a difference: Heintz's happy family is made of plastic -- husband, snowflakes, flocking, stocking caps and all. Photographer Danielle Lirette joined Heinz for a holiday photo shoot Sunday at Kanon Collective; read on for images.

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It's a Small World for Matt Scobey, Denver Creative and 2015 Biennial Ambassador

A Platforms table by Matt Scobey and Bonnie Gregory.
Denver artist and maker Matt Scobey is one of those people who quietly do what they do and don't make a big deal out of it. He's also a community-builder who likes to share ideas and take on projects that morph and change without finite boundaries. When Scobey isn't at work or experimenting with modern furniture concepts, he's likely to be found combing the city's alleys for found materials to repurpose.

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Michael Moore's Roger & Me Celebrates 25 Years With a Screening and a Skype at the Sie

Categories: Film and TV

Warner Bros.
Filmmaker Michael Moore (circa 1985) stirs up trouble directing Roger & Me.
Hard to believe that it's been 25 years since audiences first met a frumpy, bespectacled young filmmaker named Michael Moore in his debut feature, Roger & Me, following him on his quest to find and talk to the CEO of General Motors, Roger Smith, about scores of factory layoffs that had hit Moore's beloved hometown of Flint, Michigan.

Marking the film's anniversary with an upcoming Blu-Ray release, Warner Bros. has digitally restored Roger & Me from its original 16mm format -- and the Sie FilmCenter will unveil it this Wednesday, December 17 at 7:10 p.m., with Michael Moore himself Skyping in for a post-film Q&A to discuss the film's history and what its creation did in the long run for his troubled native city.

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Todd Barry on the Crowd Work Tour, Podcasts and His best-Known Roles

In addition to providing the pizza-soaked lifeblood of Denver's comedy scene and sponsoring some of its best local showcases, SexPot has really hung its hat on its namesake showcases at the Oriental Theater. And producer Andy Juett has pulled out all the stops for the one-year anniversary show, "A Chilly Evening with Todd Barry," landing SexPot's biggest headliner yet for the December 19 event. Todd Barry is a veteran standup best known for his appearances on such TV shows as Flight of the Conchords and Louie, as well as films like The Wrestler. Fresh off his last special, The Crowd Work Tour -- which consisted of nothing but crowd-generated riffs and good-natured mockery -- Barry has a fresh bundle of jokes for SexPot's loyal crowd. Although this month's showcase concludes SexPot's monthly engagement at the historic Oriental (which will hitherto be reserved for high-drawing headliners and special occasions), the SexPot brand is charging forward, relocating the monthly show to that Baker staple, 3 Kings Tavern, in 2015.

In celebration of SexPot's special showcase, Westword caught up with Barry to discuss working on new jokes after his Crowd Work Tour special, his European podcast fans and his most well-known film and TV roles.

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Five Best Menswear Boutiques in Denver

Menswear is often reduced to an afterthought or side note in many department stores. But fortunately for fashionable men in the Mile High City, there are definite exceptions to that rule here. Keep reading for our top five menswear boutiques in metro Denver.

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