Spring ski and snowboard season is in full swing this April weekend

Red Bull SlopeSoakers/Copper Mountain
Spring gets a little wacky in Colorado.

There's still plenty of snow and some excellent riding to be had over the next few weeks, but some of our favorite end-of-season festivities are also well underway. Get it while the getting's good with this weekend guide to where to bikini ski, surf some icy ponds, and even kayak down a ski slope.

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Denver's Washington Park looks back at more peaceful times

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Washington Park, before the brewhaha.
Washington Park is the focus of a major brewhaha right now. Last week Denver City Councilman Chris Nevitt, who represents the area, sent a letter to the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation asking for a six-month alcohol ban at the park due to abuse and "bad behavior." The only alcohol actually allowed at the park is 3.2 beer, so you need to swill a lot before you really reach the bad-behavior level - but even so, the controversy shows no signs of drying up. After a packed public meeting on Wednesday, Denver Department of Parks and Recreation director Laurie Dannemiller should issue a decision on the proposal next week

For a look at a time when the park was a much less rancorous spot, pick up a copy of Denver's Washington Park, the newest addition to Arcadia Publishing's Images of America series.

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Watch Game of Thrones in the company of your fellow geeks every Sunday

Enjoy the adventures of Arya and the Hound every Sunday at the Armoury.
Now that HBO's magnificent Game of Thrones is back, Sunday nights just became appointment viewing again. That's great news unless your free HBO just expired, or your ex-roommate finally changed his HBO Go password or you're not sure you can stand watching alone knowing that the show is probably just waiting to break your heart by killing your favorite character. Or hell, maybe you just like making an event of watching one of the best shows on television. Whatever the case, get thee to the Armoury this Sunday, and every Sunday when there's a new episode, and all of those Game of Thrones-related problems will be solved.

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Gallery Sketches: Three shows for the weekend of April 11-13

Artwork by Karen Fisher.
Every Friday is First Friday in this town, and this weekend, it's Second Saturday, too. Here are three openings you'll be glad you hit.

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10 things to do for $10 in Denver this weekend (8 free!), April 11-13

Categories: 10 for $10

Whether you want to see Johnny Knoxville dressed like a grandpa, learn which forest plants are edible, or catch a sex-themed comedy show, you can do it in Denver this weekend -- for less than ten bucks! Keep reading for our list of the ten of the best deals in town, including eight that are totally free.

If you know of more bargain events, share them in the comments section below. And for a complete listing of activities around town, check out the online Westword calendar.

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Andrew Elijah Edwards on his new stereoscopic installation, The Deep Novelty Harvest Colony

Courtesy of Andrew Elijah Edwards
Ineffable is a dirty word for a writer. It means something like, "A concept you just can't put into words." Discussing The Deep Novelty Harvest Colony -- a stereoscopic art installation that makes its debut tonight at Hinterland Gallery -- with artist Andrew Elijah Edwards, you enter a philosophical wrestling match with the ineffable nature of his art. After all, his images are trying to create a visceral experience that he believes cannot be captured in language. In advance of the show's opening, Westword spoke with Edwards about the ideas behind his work.

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Video: Meet Westword MasterMind Eric Dallimore

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From sculpture to photography to printmaking, Leon Gallery co-owner Eric Dallimore doesn't limit himself to one medium. "That may be a good thing or a bad thing, but it's just the way I create art," he told Westword in an interview earlier this year. That wide-ranging skill certainly impressed us, enough so that we named Dallimore one of our 2014 MasterMinds.

Bailey Geoghan paid a visit to Dallimore in his 17th Avenue space, where he talked about bringing music into Leon and fighting the urge to give up the fine art ghost.

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Celebrate the paper-doll art of iconic fashion illustrator Jim Howard on Saturday

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A decade ago artist Jim Howard came to Denver for a paper doll convention, visiting from his home in Taos. That's when Rachel Hoffman, operations manager for local antiques and rare doll shop Turn of the Century Antiques, met him. And as she got to know Howard, she discovered that he wasn't just a master of paper dolls, he was also one of the premier fashion illustrators of the last forty years. This Saturday, April 12, Howard will be at Turn of the Century, talking about designing looks for Revlon, big-name department stores and couture brands, as well as his more recent paper-doll work.

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Zombies are so yesterday: Six candidates for America's next top monster

Categories: Geek Speak

Shaun of the Dead
Sooner or later, we will get tired of this.
When it comes to America's favorite monster, zombies have been on top for a while now. That's been great for dedicated zombiephiles like me, but even the most hardcore fans of the undead know it can't last forever. Sooner or later, some other creature will emerge to take the place of zombies as the next big, scary thing. With this in mind, it seems like a good time to look at the on-deck circle and see which creepy-crawly murdery thing will emerge to terrify us as America's next top monster.

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­Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Danette Montoya

Danette Montoya, assemblage clock.
#91: Danette Montoya

Danette Montoya creates jewelry and found-object treasures for her business Tinkerbirds, making a living by way of her own imagination. That keeps her busy enough, but somewhere along the way she and fellow starving artist Rebecca Peebles decided to open a gallery. GroundSwell was different from the start, beginning with its location in the front room of an East Colfax Avenue pot shop. But its ideology is what made it great: The two partners -- who won a Westword MasterMind award in 2013 -- imagined it as an incubator where artists could try out ideas, collaborate or show work that cut just a little closer to the bone.

Now, Montoya and Peebles are about to turn the page on a new chapter. GroundSwell will close its doors after its next show, which debuts Saturday and ends May 6, and both women will be moving on to future personal projects. On the eve of the gallery's last opening, we asked Montoya and Peebles to give us a peek into their futures; Montoya's 100CC questionnaire touches on new horizons and more.

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