Saturday Morning Cartoon Nostalgia -- and Sugary Cereal! -- at Deer Pile Tonight

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The only good reason to willingly wake before 9 a.m.
I'm a night owl. I love staying up until ungodly hours doing pretty much anything at all, then sleeping until noon or later. I've always been this way, thanks to my mom. She told me she used to keep me up late as a baby so I'd sleep in and let her do the same. To this day, there's only been one thing that will get me out of bed without protest before 9 a.m.: Saturday morning cartoons.

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Gemma Bayly Brings Her Optimystic Arts to a New Community Collaborative Mural In Denver

Gemma Bayly at work on her now-finished mural for Crema Coffee House at 2862 Larimer Street.
As Optimystic Arts, artist Gemma Bayly works with many mediums. But when it comes to her intricate, hand-drawn mandalas, she recites a prayer with each line she creates. "Any time I approach a piece, it's always with the intention of bringing a healing light that can rejuvenate and bring peace and joy and love. I know those are really big ideas, but these are mathematical, proportional, vibrational tools that I create, and I think they really work."

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Review: The Harmony Hammond Show at RedLine Refutes Abstraction as Patriarchal

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"Suture," by Harmony Hammond.
A generation ago, in the latter third of the twentieth century, post-modernist deconstructionists were finished with abstraction. It was dead, they said, along with painting itself. But in the intervening decades, two things happened. First, this deconstructionist idea became entrenched in academia, and second, it was proven to be wrong beyond any shadow of a doubt in studios, galleries and museums.

I bring this up because of the way that the spectacular Harmony Hammond: Becoming/Unbecoming Monochrome (which is rapidly coming to a close) at RedLine makes the point. Hammond, who lives in New Mexico, has created a body of abstract paintings over the past five decades that are at least as relevant to current ideas about making art as the controversial Aspen Art Museum piece that featured tortoises with iPads strapped to their shells. Actually, they are more so, because unlike the tortoises, Hammond's paintings are both smart and tremendously beautiful.

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Eco-Beauty Company R. L. Linden Now Has a Retail Base in North Denver

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R.L. Linden's Facebook.
R.L. Linden's workspace and retail shop in north Denver.
It's been a busy year for R.L. Linden. Before the local eco-beauty company celebrated its first anniversary in August, co-founders Robin King and Lynn Till were so busy with their two-woman operation that they needed room to grow. Originally the two used their own kitchens as the R.L. laboratories and production houses, and they had just finished building out King's basement to aid in the expansion of the growing business when a small flood forced the pair to find a new space much more quickly than anticipated.

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Death of Brian Offers a Zombie's-Eye View at Boulder Fringe Fest

Kasandra Kincaid
Stories about a ragtag group of survivors braving a zombie apocalypse are everywhere, but such scenes are not the only way to spot a great zombie saga. After all, that's only half the story. Haven't you ever wondered how the other half lives (or unlives, as it were)?

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Review: Buntport's New Show Is Naughty But Very Nice

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Hannah Duggan as the Romance Novelist.
When the members of Buntport Theater Company are at the top of their form, wonderful things happen. And with Naughty Bits, they're at their peak both in terms of performance and -- since this company creates all its plays collaboratively -- in terms of the humor, flow and inventiveness of the script, which happens to focus on a missing member.

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Photos: Vine Street Uptown Neighborhood Block Party

Categories: Photos

All photos by Jake Shane
Colorado's master brewers know they're good at making beer. But are they good at riding tricycles and throwing yeast-filled balloons? The answer to that became clear over the weekend at Vine Street Pub's annual Uptown Neighborhood Block Party and Brewers Olympics, which along with the silly games featured live music and lots of free-flowing beer. Photographer Jake Shane shot these images and more; keep reading for a sneak peek of our slide show.

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Learning to Have Patience -- and Sopapillas -- Outside of Our 24-Hour Accessible World

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Catching a sunset in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, while being pleasantly forced to wait for sopapillas.
I've been living in a 24-hour accessible world for the majority of my life. Even when Denver felt much smaller and small town-ish back in the '90s ( though it wasn't, really) I remember being able to go the grocery store at any hour, get gas at any hour and do a lot of other things in the middle of the night, like make copies of a zine at 2 a.m. at Kinko's in Cherry Creek or do my laundry at Smiley's. But along with this all-access pass to everything comes a lack of patience.

I spent this past weekend traveling the Southwest, taking scenic U.S. Route 285 for the majority of our trip from Denver to Albuquerque and back. Making stops at small towns along the way, I realized that the beauty of a place known as "The Land of Enchantment" comes with closing times and a lot more patience than the 24-hour world requires. Something we all could probably use a lot more of.

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Veda Salon and Spa Introduces the Mandala Club, an Urban Oasis

Thumbnail image for veda1.jpg
All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
CEO of Veda Spa and Salon Carrie Perkins outside 1717 Champa Street.
Veda Salon and Spa, a small, Colorado-based chain, has had a location in the Hotel Monaco for almost two decades -- but the downtown Denver spa just launched a new VIP program, The Mandala Club, which offers amenities that are guaranteed to calm your chaotic urban life. We recently visited Veda and chatted with CEO Carrie Perkins about the spa's services and the new club.

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Winnie Wenglewick Brings Kink to the Stage with BITE

From Denver's Dangerous Theatre's Website
Winnie Wenglewick and Denver's Dangerous Theatre present BITE.
Winnie Wenglewick loves showing her audience how to get kinky. The owner, producer and artistic director of Denver's Dangerous Theatre, Wenglewick is currently producing BITE, a "choose-your-own-adventure sex farce" that offers audiences numerous opportunities to vote for what happens next, whether it's a "blowjob fest" or some other kinky escapade. In a recent conversation with Wenglewick, we learned why she choose BITE and how Denver audiences feel about BDSM.

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