Five Best Places to Find Lumbersexuals in Denver

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Where are all the beards?
This fall Gear Junkie introduced us to the lumbersexual. Described as a flannel-wearing outdoor enthusiast with an unkempt beard, the lumbersexual can be found barhopping with his MacBook Air in tow. Since the term was coined, the world has become infatuated with finding these bearded men -- and this obsession has inspired the creation of social media sites like Bristlr, Hair Trigger and Your LL Bean Boyfriend, all of which help locate and celebrate lumbersexuals. To do our own bit in tribute to those with beards, we've come up with our own list of the five best places in Denver to find lumbersexuals.

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The Ten Best Geek Events in Denver in December

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That's not Santa on the line.
Don't worry if you've been too naughty for Santa to bring you anything good, because December is full of great stuff for every geek girl and boy. You won't even have to leave any cookies and milk out to enjoy all the great nerd fun that Denver has in store for you this month, from weird horror to hard science. Here, in chronological order, are Denver's ten best geek events in December.

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The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver in December

Whether you've been staunchly making merry since Halloween or crankily sneer at holiday cheer each year, December is unquestionably dominated by its traditions -- driven by consumerism, religiosity and compulsory family bonding. This year, amid economic anxiety, polar vortexes and heartbreaking news reports, people might find themselves in dire need of a laugh. And while Entertainment is usually an afterthought in December, typically limited to agreeably mediocre Hollywood spectacles, Denver comedy bundles up and trudges on through the month. While we may have fewer high-profile visitors than during last month's banner programming calendar, we have a proliferation of locally-produced showcases that run the giggle gamut, including two live sketch comedy shows, on-the-rise comics and international TV stars with a devoted cult following. So brave the polar vortex and take a break from the seasonal doldrums at one of our top ten comedy shows, listed in chronological order.

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The Five People You'll Run Into When Home for the Holidays

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You're bound to see these five people home for the holidays
With the holidays approaching, these things are certain: Someone in the office will begin playing the Mariah Carey Christmas station on Pandora today, Black Friday deals will assault you via airwaves and billboards, and you will undeniably run into the following five people if you head home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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The Ten Best Geek Events in Denver in November

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Bub awaits you at the end of November.
Give thanks for being a geek. Even though October's bounty of geek goodness is behind us, November brings a cornucopia of its own, stuffed with much more than just turkey and Mystery Science Theater 3000 reruns. Here, in chronological order, are Denver's ten best geek events in November.

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Eight Great Local Shops For Last-Minute Halloween Costumes and Accessories

Scott Lentz for Westword.
Halloween is just around the corner, and while many a party-goer has spent months carefully crafting the perfect costume, the rest of us are still scrounging for ideas. But when that dream look finally hits, where do you go to get the best wigs, capes, feather boas and play knives before October 31? Here's a list of the best locally-owned spots around town to find everything you need for a spooky, sexy, gory or goofy get-up. (And don't forget to check out Westword's lists of the best adults-only parties and family-friendly gatherings happening throughout this Halloween week where you can wear said costume!)

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Ten Top Day of the Dead Celebrations in Denver This Week

Kyle Huninghake for Westword.
The Día de los Muertos celebration at Pirate: Contemporary Art is a Denver tradition.
History, art, culture and tradition come together in Día de los Muertos, which will go down throughout the upcoming weekend. From gallery gatherings and family-friendly celebrations to cultural workshops and cocktail parties, Day of the Dead attracts city-wide attention across multiple days of great events and celebrations. You can find them all in our online Westword calendar, but here are our top ten ways to celebrate this spirited holiday.

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Five Halloween Movies to Watch with Your Kids

Hocus Pocus has all the elements that make the perfect Halloween movie.

For kids, there's nothing better than Halloween. You get to fulfill your wildest fantasies, explore your darkest fears and get a bag of free candy. It's a time before adulthood beats the magic and wonder out of you, a time when you can still believe there's something more out there. These five movies capture that wonder -- and make you jump -- and, even as an adult, they may be able to help you forget your cynicism for a while.

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Five Great Zombie Events in Denver in October

It's October in Denver and that means zombies -- lots and lots of zombies. From zombie crawls filling the mall to sexy zombies strutting their stuff, there's no shortage of weird, wild and fun ways to celebrate your love of the walking dead. To help make sure you don't miss any of them, or maybe to help you choose that one perfect undead-themed destination, we've compiled this list of Denver's five best zombie events for the month, presented in chronological order for easy planning purposes.

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Eight Denver-Inspired Costumes to Rock This Halloween

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Scare your friends and dress as the blue demon horse that welcomes guests to Denver.

When choosing a costume, creativity is key, especially if you want to avoid cliché pop culture choices or the same old traditional options. This Halloween, why not look for inspiration around our great city, with its never-ending stream of colorful characters, iconic symbols and inside jokes? Here are some suggestions for Denver-inspired costumes.

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