Andy Haynes on Midnight Run, 9/11 jokes and getting heckled during his own comedy special

Andy Haynes is a veteran of several standup scenes, moving from Washington, D.C., to Seattle, then from New York to Los Angeles, cultivating his sharp joke-telling style and putting in strong appearances on Conan and the Comedy Central Half Hour. Haynes is also known for his Midnight Run comedy showcase, which gets comedians unreasonably stoned and then lets them sort through the weirdness onstage. A natural fit for the Sexpot Comedy brand, Haynes is in town this week to bring his Midnight Run showcase to an appreciative and equally stoned Denver audience. In advance of the April 17 date, Westword talked with Haynes about Midnight Run, 9/11 jokes and getting heckled.

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The ten best comedy events in Denver this April

April is a month of rejuvenation and light-hearted trickery, a season of pranks, afternoon showers and street-sweeping tickets. Only the truly foolish would miss out on the fine assortment of comedy shows in Denver this month. With everything from a visit from the reigning ice queen of late-night talk shows to a benefit for Down Syndrome, some great local showcases and an appearance by improviser, singer and all-round showman Wayne Brady, there's plenty of levity to carry local comedy fans through the month. Fortunately, many of these shows are free, which should provide at least a little relief to those unjustly ticketed for blocking street-sweeping operations.

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T.J. Miller on the No Cancellations tour, bringing absurdity to morning news shows, and hash dabs

Comedian T.J. Miller has a commitment to comedic absurdity that has served him well throughout his career. From his early days in Denver to his roots in the Chicago improv scene, Miller has emerged as one of this city's most unique standup exports, remarkable for his madman charisma. In short order, Miller stole scenes and joined impressive ensemble casts in movies like Our Idiot Brother and Yogi Bear 3D. All the while, Miller's home town of Denver has remained close to his heart and channeled into song on his Extended Play EP from Comedy Central Records. And this is an exciting time for Miller, with Silicon Valley, a new HBO series, set to premiere on April 6 and the movie Search Party due this summer. This week, Denver's prodigal comic returns to his native state for two nights of shows as a part of his No Cancellations tour. He'll performing tonight, February 26, at Boulder's Fox Theatre. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. for the 9 p.m. show; general admission tickets are $20. On Thursday, February 27, he'll be at the Gothic Theatre. Doors open at 7 p.m. for the 8 p.m. show; tickets are $20.50 in advance and $23 on the day of show.

Westword recently caught up with Miller on the phone to discuss his tour, the absurdity of morning news shows, and why he always brings his best to Denver.

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Beth Stelling on Sexpot Comedy, writing plays and tiny failures

Mandee Johnson
Los Angeles-based comedian Beth Stelling has appeared on Conan, recently won the Internet on Comedy Central's @Midnight and has a debut album Sweet Beth available from Rooftop Comedy. Stelling, who cut her teeth in Chicago's vibrant comedy scene, will be in Denver Friday to co-headline Sexpot Comedy's Ice Queens and Ice Wizards comedy showcase with Kate Berlant. In advance of the show, we caught up with Stelling for an early morning phone interview, punctuated by adorable kitten yawns, to talk about Ice Queens, the tiny failures of open mics, and co-writing her play Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche.

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Welcome to Colorful Colorado: Pot is coming to the Denver County Fair in 2014

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore: Dana Cain and Tracy Weil of the Denver County Fair just announced that the nation's first Pot Pavilion will be part of the annual event's three-day run in August at the National Western Complex. The new 21-and-over pavilion, to be located on a newly added third level, will feature its own Rocky Mountain High Stage for comedy and live music, pot-themed exhibitor booths and -- because a fair isn't a fair without the blue ribbons -- a display area for public entries in such categories as "Best Homemade Bong," "Best Brownie Recipe" and "Best Homemade Tie-Dye" and off-the-cuff competitions like "Speed Rolling" and a "Doritos-Eating Contest." A fair Beer Pavilion celebrating Denver's brew culture will share the upstairs space; that's a new addition, too.

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Celebrate legalization with the Tokeasy DVD release party

Wally Wallace
Chaz Grundy as Tyrell in Tokeasy.
While the impact that legalizing cannabis will have on Colorado life has been analyzed from economic, political and demographic standpoints, its influence on our creative community has received much less attention. With films like Tokeasy, however, that may be starting to change. Heretofore discreet stoners have been coming out of the woodwork and ganjapreneurs are emerging as the area's most significant patrons of the arts. While as little as ten years ago, an event like this Saturday's Tokeasy DVD release party would seem like a literal pipe dream, now it just seems like the most appropriate way to honor a film with a unique perspective on a transformative time in our history.
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Five reasons why renting an apartment is a huge pain

For the first time in almost a decade of living in houses, I'm looking for an apartment/condominium to rent. And much like dating after getting out of a long marriage, there are many things about renting that have changed over the years -- almost everything, in fact. From predictable factors like rental prices going up and amenities going down, to interesting new developments like clauses for using cannabis, bedbug infestations and "pet rent," finding a rental property isn't as cheap, easy or fun as it used to be.

Here's a list of the top five reasons why renting an apartment today is a huge pain. Okay, I lied -- renting an apartment was never actually fun, but now it's worse.

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Menswear Mondays: Artist Marc Huebert on his high art and laid-back style

All photos by Mauricio Rocha
For many artists, fashion can be an extension of their personal vision. Others dress minimally, so that their art can speak volumes. Local painter Marc Huebert falls into this latter category. Read on to learn how his street art plays a role in his street fashion, and to peep some of his works of art around the city.

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Artist Eduardo Sarabia talks marijuana, magic, tacos and contemporary art at Huevos Revueltos

"Happy," Eduardo Sarabia.
In Tainted, Guadalajara-based artist Eduardo Sarabia manipulates reality through a combination of paint and photography. Tapped to curate the Huevos Revueltos series at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Sarabia has invited invites artists, spiritual and legislative experts, and writers to discuss the cross-pollinating of contemporary art, politics and culture in Mexico over the next three Thursdays.

In advance of tonight's program, Sarabia spoke with Westword about how he chose the topics for Huevos Revueltos, what he hopes to bring out in conversations about marijuana legislation and shamanism, and how each ties into the contemporary art of Mexico.

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Five surprise stoner movies to light up your 4/20

Stoners the world 'round will celebrate the highest of all holidays this Saturday -- 4/20, in case you got so baked you'd forgotten -- and the high-minded here in Colorado are in for a special treat. Not only is the stuff legal here, but we're blessed with cultural institutions that aren't afraid to embrace it, so the cannabis-inclined can celebrate at the Alamo Drafthouse's Half-Baked 4/20 Dinner Party. The beloved pot classic will be paired with a three-course meal of munchies inspired by the film; the evening might be the best reason ever to go to Littleton.

But what if you're just too high to make the trip? Well, you can always stay home and celebrate with your own pot movie. Since every stoner has seen the usual suspects -- the Cheech and Chong canon, Dazed and Confused, the Harold and Kumar trilogy, Friday and the rest -- we've picked a few lesser-known, but still dope, stoner films for you. These may not be as well-loved as the classics, but they live up to the same high standards.

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