The Women of the Scarlet Headers Are Ready to Roll

Heather Longway, A Way of Light Photography
Shelby Rossi, founder of The Scarlet Headers.
For years motorcycle culture has been a male-dominated arena; the roads have long been ruled by men on their "hogs." But Shelby Rossi was getting sick and tired of riding on the back of her boyfriend's bike -- so she decided to form the Scarlet Headers, a women's motorcycle group based in Denver.

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Denver Startup Week 2014: Session suggestion deadline today!

Elyse Mitchell
Design Off the Beaten Path at Denver Startup Week 2012.
Last chance to submit a session suggestion for the third annual Denver Startup Week, which will run from September 15 through September 20. Local community sponsors and entrepreneurs have hosted the event for the past two years, and now they're looking for ideas for speakers, presentations and workshops.

For more information, visit Denver Startup Week. Submissions will be accepted through the end of today, May 23.

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Film Industry Seminar Series reveals the magic behind the silver screen

The lights and the camera, the big stars and the director's chair -- these are the icons we associate with filmmaking. But the magic on the silver screen wouldn't happen without such key players as casting directors and producers. Local filmmakers and fans can learn about the people behind the scenes at "The Talent You Don't See," the second installment of the Film Industry Seminar Series at Sie FilmCenter on Tuesday, September 17. "The idea is to incentivize Colorado-based filmmakers to be as savvy and sophisticated about the industry as they would be if they were based in L.A. or New York," says Alison Greenberg, manager of donor and foundation relations at the Denver Film Society.

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Petco wants your dog to play well with others at free socialization classes this weekend

Like kids, puppies need friends, too.
A dog may well be man's best friend. But if not trained properly, your canine companion could become your worst nightmare. That's why Petco will be hosting free puppy socialization seminars this weekend in every location in metro Denver. The sessions are designed to introduce puppies to new situations in a controlled environment -- under the supervision of trained professionals.

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Creating Your Relationship Masterpiece classes teach art...and the art of romance

Tired of the perilous world of online dating? The Art Connection is offering a way to actually meet people in person, in a secure environment, and even if romance doesn't result, at least art will.

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Denver Startup Week starts today with dozens of free events

Denver has a reputation as an entrepreneurial town, which means there are a lot of brains to pick here. And whether you're already among the ranks of local creatives and small-business owners or thinking about joining them, you're sure to find something interesting going on during Denver Startup Week, an ambitious lineup of informational and fun programming that covers everything from navigating patents and trademarks to the benefits of crowdfunding.

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Go up on the roof with Makers & Doers at LINC 1045

Makers & Doers.jpg
The Space Creators, the realtor/masterminds behind the RiNo artist enclaves of Wazee Union, Walnut Workshop and Laundry on Lawrence, do one special thing that sets them far apart from the pack in real estate: They are active partners in the communities they build. Not only do they provide legs for the careers of young artists and micro-businesses, but they also sponsor networking opportunities within that niche.

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