Sacking Peyton Manning, Dancing Boylesque, Digging Up Bones Make This 2015 Bucket List

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Editor's note: It's time to put 2014 into the history books and look forward to 2015 -- but not before one last bash to kick off the transition in style, something you can plan with our New Year's Eve Guide listings. Do you have even bigger plans for the coming twelve months? Now's the time to start thinking about them. To help, five of our writers have laid out their goals for 2015. Find all of their bucket lists on the Show and Tell blog.

When creating a bucket list, one is faced with the reality that time is running out and there are things we have yet to accomplish before we die. While the eternal footman continues to snicker, I tried not to pay attention to that fact while writing this list. Instead, I tried to think of life, possibilities, and what I truly want to do -- even if there's a good chance that some of these won't happen.

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Ten Best Comedy Specials of 2013

2013 was a great year for comedy nerds. With so many comedy specials, albums and formats available, fans could exhaust themselves consuming comedy and still barely scratch the surface of what's out there. But it was also a year marked by lackluster efforts from great comedians. Thinky Pain, from Marc Maron, was little more than a punched-up episode of his WTF podcast, while on Caligula, Anthony Jeselnik seemed like his own shtick was eating him alive. Some comics, like Mike Birbiglia, merely re-released years-old content in a new format. Fortunately, 2013 also witnessed strong outings from two of today's most prolific comics (Louis C.K. and Aziz Ansari), killer debuts (like Kumail Najiani's Beta Male) and welcome returns from veterans like Bill Cosby. Netflix has emerged as a player on the comedy distribution market in recent years, producing specials for several comics through their partnership with New Wave Entertainment. While the old guard of HBO and Comedy Central are still turning out great specials each year, self-distribution and new players on the scene have been a boon to fans who today enjoy access to a greater breadth of comic voices than ever before -- which made it tough to narrow this list down to ten.

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Ring in the New Year before midnight at these offbeat events

We all have our New Year's Eve rituals -- from parties wild or romantic to a quiet toast at home. Some folks turn in before the clock even strikes midnight, and in Denver, others will be bundling up their families to catch fireworks downtown for free. How bout you? Looking for something offbeat? Here are a couple of those.

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Lake Steam Baths, gnomes on the range, and more drops in the 2014 bucket list

Bucket lists, by their very nature, are a celebration of the ephemeral -- a wish list of fleeting activities to experience before the mortal coil goes into a death spiral. The following experiences, however, are united by a sense of enduring history, of continuing traditions that will persist past the expiration dates of our own lives.

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Hot springs, haunted parks and other drops in the 2014 bucket list

When I'm traveling, adventure seems so much easier to fall into. I spent a good portion of 2013 on the road touring with my band, Lust-Cats of the Gutters, and without the pull of day jobs and responsibility, I'm much more likely to say, yes, let's jump that fence. But while wandering through New Orleans cemeteries and getting creeped out at the magical Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, I was left with a cheesy Dorothy Gale-style appreciation of home and the wonderful and weird opportunities I often overlook in Denver. In the new year, I want to recommit to the killer fun and adventures that Colorado has to offer.

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New Year's Eve: Three parties that end well before the clock strikes midnight

Have a glamorous New Year with Buntport Theater.
Whether you think of New Year's Eve as a time for parties that keep you dancing into the wee hours, or you're the type who's lucky to still be awake when the corks pop and Auld Lang Syne rings through the town, several events are perfect to prime your pump -- or let you live a little before you sleep. Some early-evening suggestions follow; go to Westword's New Year's Eve guide for a complete listing of NYE parties and events.

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New Year's Eve: Where will you ring it in?

Want to get lucky as you ring in 2013? The Westword New Year's Eve Guide will be inserted in our December 13 issue, and will include information on select December 31 entertainment options, to ensure that when the clock strikes twelve, you don't strike out.

If you know of any particular happening that should be considered, send details to (or just put it in the comments section below) by noon tomorrow.
But if you miss that deadline, don't despair: We'll be adding events to our online New Year's Eve listings through the month and highlighting some of them on Show and Tell; send info to

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Happy New Year: A few artistic resolutions from my FB friends

I never make resolutions or even expect to be able to stick to one; it's my nature to veer, day-to-day, with the winds and the waves. If I'm hungry, I eat. If I want to be alone, I cocoon. That's just me, but I'm not at all against the idea of others making and keeping their own. So because I'm nosy interested and think artists and people who love the arts in general tend to be just a little more reflective in nature, I asked my artsy Facebook friends to share their resolutions with the world. Some of them even replied, and they have some pretty good ideas, which follow.

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New Year's Eve 2011 Denver: ten best New Year's Day events

Categories: New Year's Eve

You made it to 2012 -- congratulations! -- and maybe you're still partying hearty from the night before...or perhaps you just need to get out of the house on this Sunday after. We've got a rundown of New Year's Day events; keep reading to see our picks:

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New Year's Eve 2011 Denver: ten best upscale events

Categories: New Year's Eve

We've listed the best cheap events -- and the best free events -- in the area on New Year's Eve, but if you've got money to burn or want to impress someone really special (it is your last chance to do that in 2011, after all), we've got you covered.

Here are our picks for the best upscale events on New Year's Eve:

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