Gallery Sketches: Three shows for the weekend of April 18-20

Lizzi Bougatsos, "In God We Bust."
Though pot's what's on the whole city's mind this marijuan-derful 4/20 weekend, the local art scene will not go up in smoke. Here are three reminders that Denver galleries serve up good vibes and even better shows every weekend of the year.

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Gallery Sketches: Three shows for the weekend of April 11-13

Artwork by Karen Fisher.
Every Friday is First Friday in this town, and this weekend, it's Second Saturday, too. Here are three openings you'll be glad you hit.

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Scrounge goes big with assemblage, found objects and repurposed materials in art
Mario Rivoli, "Ducks in a Row."
Colorado is home to a whole community of assemblage artists, some working with nuts and bolts straight out of the dumpster and others using more rarefied detritus they've collected over years. But it doesn't really matter what goes into putting this kind of art together -- the final transformation is what's most important. Scrounge, a massive, three-part showcase of diverse assemblage art by 26 regional artists, will celebrate the genre when it opens Friday, April 11 at Republic Plaza.

Following is a sneak peek of the exhibit, which includes a large group show; a site-specific installation, "The Earthling Adventure," with work by Jimmy "Rocketman" Descant, Tim Flynn and Mark Friday; and a pop-up installation, "The History of Ornament...{now hurray up and wait}," by collaborators Theresa Anderson and Rebecca Vaughan.

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Santitos 2 celebrates religious folk-art traditions and modern interpretations at CHAC gallery

The centuries-old culture of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, built on a bedrock of religion, yields an equally old subculture of santeros and santeras -- carvers of religious figures, retablos and crosses. And each year, the Chicano Humanities and Arts Council gives over its walls to the best of these artisans. The annual show is a yardstick in time, featuring work that's true to handed-down tradition, with a touch of contemporary aesthetics.

Photos courtesy of the Chicano Humanities and Arts Council.

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DADA Art Bar pours out High Fructose Porn Syrup show tomorrow

Categories: Art, Bars, Openings

Alex Brown
Iain Chisholm, Maximilian Shiffman and Thai Massey gear up to open DADA Art Bar with a trippy bang.
DADA Art Bar occupies a prime corner of Denver. This space at 2470 Broadway used to be in the middle of nowhere -- dada, indeed! -- but these days the Ballpark neighborhood is popping. After months of meticulous planning by Ian Chisholm, who also owns Amerigo right around the corner, Denver will soon have a new place to guzzle drinks and check out an emerging art scene. This Friday was supposed to mark the opening of DADA, but thanks to a paperwork mix-up with the city, DADA's official debut has been pushed to the following week. But the show will go on with a private party this weekend, featuring psychedelic pop artists who are eager to be the first to display art in the brand-new space.

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Enter the future-past through artist Katrin Davis's diorama world of miniatures

Katrin Davis
You may not know artist Katrin Davis by name, but you've definitely seen her work around Denver. The artist's collages have been used on posters and fliers for shows for years, pieces that incorporate vintage photographs with vibrant, retro-feeling colors like turquoise and coral. Late last year, Davis moved into the three-dimensional realm of dioramas, incorporating her throwback aesthetic into miniature worlds created through assembling model train pieces together with beads and other objects. As part of show opening tonight at the new artist-run space DATELINE, Davis will be showing Hypotheticals, forty of her dioramas, alongside the work of other local and national artists.

In advance of the opening, Westword spoke with about Davis about her change in medium and how she sources the pieces for work she says is inspired by "the past's concepts of the future."

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Artist-run DATELINE gallery launches tonight in RiNo

Miniature installations by Katrin Davis.
When artists Adam Milner and Jeromie Dorrance decided to open an exhibit space in what's essentially their living room, they did so in a spirit that's both DIY and not DIY, by putting together a well-crafted show that covers a national gamut of contemporary work by five colleagues in the art world. DATELINE 001 sets the space's adventurous mood right from the start, with works by Katrin Davis, Ann Hamilton, Jeanne Liotta, Nate Hess and Gato Karatoyote -- a fascinating collection of artists working in interesting mediums in Colorado, Los Angeles and Columbus, Ohio. We caught up with Milner and Dorrance to learn more about their venture and what makes it a new and different model for Denver.

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Mo'Print presses on with Printmakers 4 at Niza Knoll Gallery

Dennis Dalton, Woodcut.
The Month of Printmaking, aka Mo'Print 2014, continues this weekend with a variety of events, including tonight's opening reception from 5 to 8 p.m. at Niza Knoll Gallery for Printmakers 4. The exhibit features works representing the diversity of printmaking techniques -- from woodcut and monoprint to intaglio and even a sculpture with printed surfaces -- by artists Rachel Basye, Dennis Dalton, Maria Fleming and Pat Orban. A selection of images follows with Knoll's gallery notes; see Printmakers 4 through April 26.

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Artists explore ancient and modern body art in Tattoos in Contemporary Art

Categories: Art, Openings

Juli Morsella is presenting her and other artists' interpretations of the art of tattoos.
Tattoos have become a popular modern art form, but Juli Morsella is exploring tattooing's ancient, sacred roots and has put together an exhibition with works by artists from all over Europe and the U.S., examining tattoos from around the world. The show, Tattoo in Contemporary Art, opens Friday, March 21, at 910 Arts.

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Get Immortalized this weekend at Brushstrokes

Categories: Art, Openings

Courtesy of Brushstrokes Studio-Gallery
Patrick McGregor with his dog.
Brushstrokes Studio-Gallery is filling up with a lot of love this month. Larger-than-life puppies and hand-painted Valentine's Day gifts will be taking over the space located in the heart of South Broadway's Antique Row.

The lovely lineup starts with tonight's opening reception for mural and portrait artist Patrick McGregor. While you're looking at his solo show, Immortalized, you can also pick up a hand-painted love note for your sweetheart made by the gallery owners themselves.

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