L.L. Bean Putting Boots on the Ground on Lone Tree

L.L Bean will open its 22nd American retail store outside of Maine at Park Meadows Shopping Center (in the former home of Grand Lux Cafe) on Friday, November 21. The company was founded by avid outdoorsman Leon Leonwood ("L.L."), who in 1912 returned home from a hunting trip with cold, damp feet and a new idea for boots.

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Active Junky leaves green in the pockets of its members

Active screenshot.png
Active Junky's homepage.
Active Junky's rapid ascent of the retail mountain has changed the game for consumers and retailers alike.

The outdoor gear cash-back aggregator shopping site drives traffic to its retail partners and gives rewards to its members, benefiting everyone on the outdoor gear and lifestyle shopping mountain. With more than 250 retail partners including Sports Authority, Athleta and Backcountry.com, Active Junky expects to have five times its current membership by the end of 2013.

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The long ride: Q&A with father and son longboarders Mike and Greg Paproski

Photos by Natalie Gonzalez
Greg Paproski with dad Mike and trusty dog Buddy.
Like many twelve-year-olds, Greg Paproski likes to board. But unlike most of those twelve-year-olds, he's focused on longboarding -- and spending the summer competing in races. With the help of his new sponsor, Dregs Skateboards, he's "hit" (longboard lingo for competed) three races in the North American Downhill Series: the Vernon DH (Downhill 8) in Vernon, British Columbia; the Grand Prix of New York in Windham, New York and the Maryhill Festival of Speed in Goldendale, Washington. He currently ranks number one in his region and third in the world of the Junior Division ages eight through thirteen of the International Gravity Sports Association.

As Greg and his father, Mike, prepare for Colorado's big international race, the Buffalo Bill Downhill Bloodspill, we met up with them at one of Greg's favorite shops, BOARDLife, to talk about longboarding.

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Andrew Skurka unpacks The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide

The greatest adventures are always more about the journey than the destination, but that truism can be easy to forget when you can't wait to get that heavy pack off your back. If the actual hiking isn't the most enjoyable part of your backpacking trips, then you just might be going about the whole thing the wrong way, according to Boulder-based athlete Andrew Skurka, whose new National Geographic book The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide hits the shelves at local bookstores and gear shops this week.

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Furniture designer Ray Hill turns to iPad cases with the F3 Folio

Categories: Gear, Media

Ashley Tauch shows off her iPad inside the Folio around the Westword office.
The Denver-based company F3 Designs, has stumbled upon success in that much-coveted of technology niches: Apple product accessories.

Its flagship product, the "F3 Folio," has become a local hit and has begun to gain momentum online and even internationally, with publications from Italy and France singing its praises.

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Gear: Boulder's ZEAL Optics gets all 21st century with new iON Goggles

iON Goggle by ZEAL Optics.jpg
This week I've been inundated with press releases from various companies headed to Denver to show off their wares at the SnowSports Industries America Snow Show, January 26-31, at the Colorado Convention Center. One actually caught my eye: The new iON Goggles from Boulder-based ZEAL Optics features an embedded camera capable of shooting both 1080p True HD video and 8-megapixel still shots.

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Flylow Gear wins first annual Something Independent Snowsport Entrepreneur Award

Something Independent Award.jpg
Flylow, a Denver-based gear company specializing in skiing outerwear and accessories, won the first-annual Something Independent Snowsport Entrepreneur Award last night, presented at the Sypder Showroom at Battery 621. The $1,500 award comes with a marketing package to help take the winning entrepreneur to the next level, and was established to recognize Colorado's "adventurous risk-takers who are putting it all on the line in pursuit of a dream."

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Top 5 post-Labor Day summer gear sales

If, like us, you spent some of your Labor Day weekend trying on winter gear in stifling heat at the Ski Rex and Sniagrab sales, here's a quick reminder that the day after Labor Day is a great time to buy summer gear. Gotta love living in topsy-turvy Colorado, right? We perused some local offerings to put together a quick guide...

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Local company crafts bamboo Blackbox cases to protect laptops, iPads from adventure fails

DSC0315 - Bamboo Lifestyle (16x9 560).jpg
After featuring the cool Revolights Kickstarter project last week, local reader Greg Hydle reached out to see if we'd have a look at his own Kickstarter project, which similarly solves a problem for adventurous types: Namely, saving your laptop or iPad from certain death.

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Revolights LEDs for bikes: The brightest project on Kickstarter?

The Revolights v4 prototype, via Revolights.com
Look out, Moonlight Classic 2012, here's a product surely destined for just about every nocturnal bike in Colorado: The Revolights project is less than $10,000 shy of its $43,500 goal on Kickstarter.com, with 42 days to go as of this writing, which means fully-functional wheel-mounted cycling lights could soon be a reality.

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