Voormi Outdoor Clothing wins Something Independent's 2013 Wright Award

WA 3 Voormi from Something Independent on Vimeo.

Voormi, a Pagosa Springs-based manufacturer of technical wool outdoor clothing and gear, won the 2013 Something Independent Wright Award for entrepreneurship last night at a pre-launch event hosted by Session Kitchen.

"This is about the best treat I could have, to be here in a roomful of entrepreneurs creating something around a spirit that is Colorado," said Governor John Hickenlooper, introducing the event before fourteen contenders presented ninety-second videos telling the stories of their companies.

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This just in from Winter Park: Snow!!


If this fall-like weather has you pining for snowy slopes, here's an antidote: The folks at Winter Park are sharing these photos of the resort's first noticeable dusting of snow, with a note:

The first full day of fall brought plenty of snow to Winter Park Resort, which has already begun gearing up for the start of ski/ride season on November 13, just 51 days away. About two inches of fresh snow fell around the base area, with estimates of six inches and more on higher peaks.

Can snow-making be far behind? Only 51 days. For more information visit Winter Park Resort online; to purchase passes go to the Ski Colorado website. And continue reading for more pics.

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Photos courtesy of Winter Park Resort.

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Reel Rock 8 returns to Boulder with its most controversial film ever

Boulder-based climber Daniel Woods in "The Sensei"
Photo courtesy Sender Films
The eighth annual Reel Rock tour, the traveling climbing film show that has become the gold standard in its field over the past decade, launches in Boulder tonight at the Chautauqua Auditorium. On the menu are four new flicks from Sender Films and Big UP productions, including the controversial and much-anticipated film High Tension: Ueli Steck and the Clash on Everest about this spring's brawl between Sherpas and western climbers on the world's highest peak.

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How Adam Sandler can help you understand why leaves change color in the fall

Kalen Deremo
A collection of quaking aspens sees its final days of chlorophyll.
People often fear death; Mother Nature does not. She dresses up in flashy colors and goes out with a bang. And every year from mid-September to mid-October, those living in Colorado get to witness one of the most brilliant funerals in the entire world.

But why are fall colors so spectacular? We often think we understand how the sun affects plant life and creates the four seasons, but how exactly does that make a bright green leaf turn crimson in only a month's time? Surprisingly enough, the answer can be linked to an obscure film reference in which Adam Sandler obnoxiously utters the faux word, "borophyll."

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Ten ways to celebrate the Fourth of July

Put on your stars and stripes and your red, white and blue: the Fourth of July is just days away. Across the United States, fireworks, parades and barbecues will celebrate Independence Day -- and Denver has no shortage of patriotic pride. Here are ten ways to celebrate this year.

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Ten ways to get wet this summer

Confluence Park: A river runs through it.
Sure, Colorado is landlocked -- but that doesn't mean you have to spend your summer high and dry in the sweltering, 90-plus degree heat. We don't have an ocean, but there are rivers, reservoirs, pools, water parks and many more places where you can immerse yourself this summer. So dig out that Speedo, find your lifejacket, smear on the SPF and go get wet. In absolutely no order, here are ten of the many, many ways to do just that.

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Yoga Rocks the Park starts rocking the park again this weekend

Bryan Lopez
When Yoga Rocks the Park started rocking a few years ago, the idea was to bring yoga and music together in a setting that just made sense: outside, in the sunshine. And not only would the event make you feel good, it would help you do good, raising money for good causes. Initially proceeds went to the yoga community; this year's beneficiaries include the Give Back Yoga Foundation plus Urban Peak, Project Angel Heart and more local do-gooders. And there's more money to give, because Yoga Rocks the Park has been such an amazing success that it's expanded to twelve more cities -- including Boulder.

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Active Junky leaves green in the pockets of its members

Active screenshot.png
Active Junky's homepage.
Active Junky's rapid ascent of the retail mountain has changed the game for consumers and retailers alike.

The outdoor gear cash-back aggregator shopping site drives traffic to its retail partners and gives rewards to its members, benefiting everyone on the outdoor gear and lifestyle shopping mountain. With more than 250 retail partners including Sports Authority, Athleta and Backcountry.com, Active Junky expects to have five times its current membership by the end of 2013.

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Photos: Mongolia wins the 2013 International Snow Sculpture Championship

Categories: Art, Outdoors

mongolia snow sculpture.jpg
All photos by Carl Scofield.
Mongolia's winning design.
Fifteen teams competed in the 2013 International Snow Sculpture Championship in Breckenridge last week. From January 22-26, groups from across the globe hand-carved 20-ton blocks of snow into frozen art over a 65-hour period. Yesterday, team Mongolia took home top honors for its impressive snow statue of two riders on horses (above). For photos of the winning sculpture and the process behind all fourteen entries, visit our full slide show.

Continue reading for some of the highlights.

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Filmmaker Anson Fogel on Cascada and his hellish kayaking "vacation"

Photo by Tim Kemple, courtesy Forge Motion Pictures
On Monday filmmakers Anson Fogel and Skip Armstrong of the Carbondale-based collective Forge Motion Pictures released Cascada, a new adventure short produced in partnership with NRS, the Idaho-based gear brand. The film documents a trip to the jungles of Mexico with photographer Tim Kemple and some of the world's top kayakers -- Erik Boomer, Tyler Brandy, Galen Volckhausen, and Blake Hendrix -- in search of spectacular waterfalls. The 7:40 short stands as proof that they found adventure-film gold, but Fogel tells Westword it took a lot of misadventure to uncover.

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