Photos: Suzanne Heintz leaves Chauncey the mannequin at the altar

More than a decade ago, Starz art director Suzanne Heintz decided there was a way to have a family and her freedom, too: She acquired a set of mannequins, including make-believe husband Chauncey and daughter Mary Margaret, and began photographing herself in vignettes with them for a project she calls Life Once Removed. This past Monday, she staged the greatest scenario ever in the project's history: A formal renewal of wedding vows at the elegant Grant Humphreys Mansion, with a mixture of human and plastic guests.

The joke's on Chauncey, though: Heintz took advantage of her place at the wedding podium to discuss her thoughts on commitment and her chosen life of spinsterhood, and left the poor mock man stiffly standing at the altar. Photographer Danielle Lirette was front and center to capture these images from the performance/celebration.

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Photos: The costumes of Denver Comic Con

More than 85,000 people walked through the aisles of the Denver Comic Con over the weekend, according to the folks behind the rapidly growing convention, and a lot of them were in costume. Con cosplay, after all, is an art unto itself, featuring hand-built costumery that can sometimes take months to create. Or not. Photographer Danielle Lirette brought back these images -- and more -- from the third annual event.

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Five great views -- both mountain and city -- around Denver

Denver is a beautiful city, especially on days devoid of any brown cloud, and there are dozens of places where you can get a memorable shot. Here are five spots that offer a great view of the city or the mountains -- and, in some rare cases, both.

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Andrew Elijah Edwards on his new stereoscopic installation, The Deep Novelty Harvest Colony

Courtesy of Andrew Elijah Edwards
Ineffable is a dirty word for a writer. It means something like, "A concept you just can't put into words." Discussing The Deep Novelty Harvest Colony -- a stereoscopic art installation that makes its debut tonight at Hinterland Gallery -- with artist Andrew Elijah Edwards, you enter a philosophical wrestling match with the ineffable nature of his art. After all, his images are trying to create a visceral experience that he believes cannot be captured in language. In advance of the show's opening, Westword spoke with Edwards about the ideas behind his work.

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Andrew Novick's Unstill Life captures people in spontaneous moments

Categories: Art, Photography

Andrew Novick
"Toof Whip"
Whether he's stuffing his subjects' faces with food or taking pictures of them covered in their own blood, Andrew Novick takes photographs that document an always interesting and often delightfully weird time. This time around, the artist, collector, Peeps expert, Stanley Film Festival collaborator and Warlock Pincher looked to his vast archives of photos to put together a show of lively portraits titled Unstill Life, which opens with a reception (complete with sushi, drinks and music from DJ Gatsby) at 8 p.m. Friday, April 4 at Crimson Hilt Tattoo. "I didn't want to call it portraits, because that sounds either kind of professional or like you're at a mall," says Novick. "To me, a portrait is almost like a still life because someone's posing. Even though it's a live person it's a still life, whereas these picture are more off-the-cuff. Something was happening and I was just capturing it."

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100 Colorado Creatives: Richard Alden Peterson

#3: Richard Alden Peterson

From his stint documenting punk-rockers in the 1970s and snapping art images for the early Bay Area zine Search and Destroy to his current gig -- only one of many -- as house photographer at MCA Denver, Richard Alden Peterson has covered a lot of ground with camera in hand, and he still swaggers sweetly in the black leather jacket, striped T-shirts and yellow pants of another time. A former gallery owner and ongoing community-builder among his photography peers, Peterson has a national reputation and the skills to warrant it. He's become an essential part of the arts landscape here; read on to learn what keeps him going.

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Travis Conklin's Conkwear suits his art to a T

Britt Chester
Travis Conklin is an artist who explores a variety of mediums. As co-owner of F4D Studio, he photographs, films and creates beautiful imagery through his lens. But with Conkwear, his clothing company, Conklin has found a new way to share his art. What started as a way to get his design work out there has grown into a full-on company that showcases his talents in photography and graphic design by creating a mobile gallery of clients wearing his work. We recently spoke with Conklin about why he started the company, why he keeps it going, and what sorts of events he is involved with in Denver.

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Photographer Matt Slaby on his new exhibit documenting those affected by heroin overdoses

Matt Slaby
A photography exhibit opens today inside the State Capitol's Rotunda that challenges viewers to examine their perceptions of those affected by injection drug use. It was created by photographer Matt Slaby and the nonprofit Harm Reduction Action Center.

Slaby, who started out documenting this stigmatized population, eventually became a board member of the nonprofit, which serves and advocates for opiate users. He sat down with Westword to talk about the exhibit, his work with HRAC and why it is important to advocate for people who are so often stereotyped instead of helped.

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Photos: RAD '80s Ski Party at Mellow Mushroom

Categories: Photography

All photos by Ursula Romaine
Last weekend Mellow Mushroom traveled back in time with its annual '80s ski party. There were plenty of neon, puffy jackets at the event -- as well as plenty of pizza. Photographer Ursula Romaine was there to capture all the '80s action.

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Photos: Lucha Libre and Laughs at the Oriental Theater

Categories: Photography

There was plenty of both wrestling and laughs at the Lucha Libre and Laughs event at the Oriental Theater this past weekend. Comedy from Jordan Doll, Mara Wiles, Kevin Shook and Roger Norquist as well as four wrestling matches filled the night -- and our photographer Ursula Romaine was there to shoot it all.

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