Three Book and Poetry Events in Denver for October 27-November 2

Walt Longmire introduces twelve new Longmire tales Wednesday at the Tattered Cover Highlands Ranch.
This week, sit at the feet of an eminent poet, celebrate a rustic sleuth or examine the farm-to-fork experience in a new cookbook with a local twist. Keep reading for details.

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"Pockets of Contextless Waste As Points" invites viewers to be present for performance

"Egyptian Paralysis," the first album release from Hippies Wearing Muzzles.
When musician, performer (and sometime Westword contributor) Luke Leavitt set out to create "Pockets of Contextless Waste As Points," he saw it as a way to finally cross paths with an Internet friend. The part-music, part-poetry, part-performance art event happening at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, October 18 at DIY space Hamsterdam, 3547 Brighton Boulevard, was shaped around finally connecting in real life with Lee Evans A.K.A. Hippies Wearing Muzzles, a longtime social-networking acquaintance.

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Three Book and Poetry Events in Denver for the Week of October 6-12

Garth Stein Introduces his new novel at Sturm Hall on Sunday.
This week you can cheer on performance poets or listen thoughtfully to the literary variety; if you prefer novels to poetry, you can hear the author of one runaway bestseller discuss his next book. Keep reading for details.

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Colorado Book Award Winner Uche Ogbuji on Engineering, Poetry and Engineering Poetry

Categories: Poetry

Uche Ogbuji, the 2014 winner of the Colorado Book Award in the Poetry/Chapbook category.
The book of poetry penned by Uche Ogbuji that won a 2014 Colorado Book Award is titled Ndewo, Colorado. That name should give you some idea of the gorgeous contradictions between its covers, poetry that pays homage equally to landscape and scientific concepts, penned by a computer engineer and immigrant to Colorado by way of Nigeria (and several other countries). We recently sat down with Ogbuji to talk about poetry, travel, inspiration and how he distills complex science into descriptive prose.

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Three Book and Poetry Events for the Week of September 29-0ctober 5

Pick up the new edition of Charlie Papazian's The Joy of Home Brewing this week at the Great American Beer Festival.
This week, you can mix your bedtime reading with explorations of beer-making and improving health through medical marijuana, or just enjoy an old-fashioned open-mic poetry reading at the Arvada Center. Keep reading for the details.

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Five Book and Poetry Events for the Week of September 22-28

Celebrate 100 Thousand Poets for Change in Denver.
This week's picks include a how-to book for folks not willing to accept a first diagnosis and a four-event poetry marathon, held in tandem with readings around the world. Read on for the details.

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Three Book and Poetry Events for the Week of September 8-14

Colorado Poet Laureate Dave Mason will sign off when his replacement is announced September 9.
Colorado authors and poets will be in the spotlight this week at ceremonies, readings and head-to-head competitions, proving that diversity is alive and well in our state's literary community. Take a look at what Colorado has to offer at these three very different events.

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Three Poetry and Book Events for the Week of August 25-31

Peter Van Buren signs The Ghosts of Tom Joad Friday at the Tattered Cover LoDo.
This week's featured readings feature exciting new voices in fiction and an author whose riff on the new economy unfolds in novel form. And in the slam poetry realm, competition among local poets vying to represent Denver at the Individual World Poetry Slam in October is heating up with help from a star wordsmith. Top off your summer with a stunning read -- or an evening of performance poetry at its best.

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Three Poetry and Book Events (Bonus: One Is About Pie!) for the Week of August 18-24

Pie baker Teeny Lamothe talks crust and filling Friday at the Tattered Cover Colfax.
Books can unfold great adventures or embrace an experience that's as easy as pie. This week's picks explore both roads; take a last summer vacation with these diversions. Read on...

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Three Book and Poetry Events for the Week of August 11-17

Spencer Quinn reads from Paw and Order: A Chet and Bernie Mystery Tuesday in Highlands Ranch.
It's not too late to travel this summer. The best thing about books is that they can take you anywhere -- and you never have to leave your house. They challenge your mind or simply tickle it, and like the best travels, memories stay with you long after the trip is over. Without leaving metro Denver this week, you can venture into prose and poetry of the American West, explore a mystery on four legs and dig into a trove of Colorado authors.

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