Photos: Fun-Runners try to outpace "zombies" in City Park

All photos by Brandon Marshall for Westword.
Zombies invaded City Park yesterday, and people were running for their lives to avoid the undead...or at least complete the route without having a zombie "infect" you by popping the little balloons taped to your shirt. Westword was there to document this fight to the finish.

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Choose your wacky Denver event! (flow chart)

It seems like every weekend in Denver there's another fun run with a theme, which is great, really. Sure, there are themed runs (often involving beer before, during or after) in other cities, but probably not with the frequency, participation level or gusto as we can boast here in Colorado. It's an active culture in Denver, and that translates right into dressing up like an idiot, meeting up with other idiots dressed the same, and hitting the bars. After a 5K, usually.

So with the plethora of themed events in Denver, how do you know which one is right for you? We've devised this service-y flow chart for you, Show and Tell readers. And one other thing: If you think you've landed on an event that's suited to your tastes, click your mouse on it and you'll be taken to a slide show with photos so you can be sure.

Happy hunting!

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Colfax Marathon dispatch: Top 10 things I learned running the last 14 miles of the race

Categories: Outdoors, Running

marathon 1.png
Bret C Stevens
Runners at the Colfax Marathon
This Sunday marked the seventh annual running of the Colfax Marathon. My training partner Anna was racing, and I jumped in at mile 12 to help her along. Here's what I learned:

10. There are a lot of super-fast runners in Denver. Few of them ran the Colfax Marathon. That's because the Bolder Boulder, the premier 10k in the state, is next weekend.

9. It's totally possible -- and totally okay -- to be passed by people in costumes during the race. Know that their victory is short-lived: They're the ones who will have to deal with whatever chafing is caused by wearing a tutu and angel wings on a 26-mile run.

8. A shout-out to the residents of Lakewood, who spent their morning cheering from their front yards. Some extra love to the guys who handed out orange slices around mile 15.

7. To the people with the balcony overlooking Cherry Creek who played the Rocky theme song on repeat: Thanks! But also, didn't you get tired of listening to the Rocky theme song on repeat for three hours?

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