Getting Healthy at the Holistic Health Care Fair

Courtesy of Lee Hurter
The Holistic Health Care Fair takes place Saturday at the Mercury Cafe.
Thinking of all the aches and pains of winter ahead, a group of holistic healers have banded together to give the public a chance to sample their offerings -- everything from massage and herbs to acupuncture and psychotherapy -- at the Holistic Health Care Fair.

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Fake Diamonds Relaunches with Pop Up Shop at Love Gallery tonight

Photo courtesy of Dillon Morton
The start of Dillon Morton's clothing company, Fake Diamonds, came in 2009, "when I first learned to convert an art piece of mine in photoshop to have screen-printed on a shirt," he recalls. "After I was able to sell those initial twelve shirts, I went for it and designed about five other shirts and worked with a close friend of mine, Mike Pack, to create a website and Lookbook.

"From there, the goal was to continue learning and pushing what we could do with each collection we released," Morton explains. And tonight he'll relaunch Fake Diamonds with a pop-up shop at Love Gallery.

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Twenty-Plus Holiday Shows and Markets for Gift-Buying in November
Have a handmade holiday with wares from Bella Calla and others at CHUN's Black Market.
The shift happens so fast, it's nearly imperceptible, but that won't last for long -- Halloween's over, and the holiday shopping season is on. Shopping handmade and local is the trend, and we've made it a little easier for you to navigate the best of the markets, sales and small business-friendly gift-buying options that proliferate after Daylight Savings Time ends. Keep reading for the first round, which we've updated from last week to include more November markets. And no worries if you're a procrastinator -- more to come in December.

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Somnia, A Sleep Store, Will Open In Park Meadows This Weekend

Categories: Shopping

An artist's rendering of the new Somnia store at Park Meadows.

Peter Fatianow first became interested in the possibilities of a retail store focused on sleep while working for an integrated delivery system in the Midwest that was acquiring sleep labs. "I was fascinated about what was going on in that business," he says, and although he wasn't working directly with the sleep labs, they prompted him to begin researching sleep topics. "I found that 100 million people have sleep problems; there are forty million or so with obstructive sleep apnea, and untested obstructive sleep apnea has a significant impact on other health issues, like diabetes and heart disease."

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First Look: FashioNation Opens on South Broadway Friday

FashioNation's new location at 1594 South Broadway.
If you were ever a patron of FashioNation's iconic location on 13th Avenue in Capitol Hill, the new store on South Broadway -- which "officially" opens this Friday, October 10 -- should be comfortingly familiar. "If we took a screw down at the old store, it was used here at the new store," says co-owner Pam Italiano.

Pam and her husband and co-owner, Paul Italiano, have been hard at work over the last few weeks, transforming the former Packrat Antiques store into a bigger and better version of their counterculture haven for clothes, accessories and more. Along with their devoted staff, the Italianos brought to the new spot not only FashioNation's entire inventory, but the hardware, racks and even some of the doors and trim from the old location. Pam also built many of the store's fixtures by hand to fit this new and improved version of the classic shop.

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Sully & Co., a Menswear Boutique, Opening in Jefferson Park

All photos courtesy Sully & Co.
"Our brick-and-mortar business is focused on allowing a comfortable and inviting location where shoppers can touch and feel excellent-quality, American-made apparel," says Mark Snipe, owner of Sully & Co., a menswear boutique opening tomorrow at 2443 Elliot Street in up-and-coming Jefferson Park. Snipe is a New Yorker who moved to Denver last October; the name of his place is based on the premise that Sully is Snipe's dog -- and he is the company. The name isn't the only thing that sets Sully & Co. apart from other local stores. The style Snipe is emphasizing here is "Urban Preppy." What is that? See for yourself at the opening reception October 2 -- and keep reading for more details.

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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Amy Yetman

Doug and Amy Yetman at northwest Denver's Horseshoe Market.
#54: Amy Yetman

Amy Yetman knows outdoor markets. Wandering through the big-city craft and flea markets of Boston and Chicago gave her a good idea of the kind of fair she'd like to see in Denver -- and she finally realized it was up to her to bring the concept here. "It was a little dream of mine," she told us right after launching the first Horseshoe Market in the fall of 2010. "But I was always waiting for someone else to do it."

We're glad she stopped waiting: That market was a hit, and she's never looked back. Smartly curated and buzzing with street food, one-of-a-kind wares and all kinds of people, the Horseshoe has become the step forward that others now follow. In advance of this weekend's market, we invited Yetman to answer the 100CC questionnaire; read on to learn what drives her to excel as a street-market entrepreneur.

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Leslie Horna Talks Shopping and Celebrating Fashion to Raise Funds for Denver Health

Categories: Fashion, Shopping

Keely Asbury, Caitlyn Dehn and Leslie Horna (left to right).
Cherry Creek North has been one of the top shopping destinations in Denver for decades -- and on Friday, September 19, it will celebrate that status with the much-anticipated CCN Celebrate Fashion Show. Leslie Horna, CCN director of marketing and communications, took time out from her packed schedule to talk about the Celebrate Fashion Show, the partnership with the Denver Health Foundation and the derided CCN construction.

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John Varvatos Pop-Up Shop at Goldyn Tomorrow -- Fashion and Rock and Roll!

Photo courtesy of John Varvatos
The John Varvatos menswear line will pop up tomorrow at Goldyn, the high-style boutique in Highland, which will host a pop-up shop. Varvatos is a legend in the menswear industry, known for offering the best in design, tailoring and fabrication, all with a rock-and-roll edge. The fall/winter 2014 collection will be on display from noon to 8 p.m. Saturday, September 6, with a cocktail reception at 6 p.m.

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Retail and the Lost Art of Customer Service

Beware: beneath these clothing racks, a sales person is lurking.
This past weekend, I decided to take a trip back to my old stamping grounds, the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Working there off and on from 1996 to 2013, I spent a lot of time wandering the building's hallowed shopping-mall halls (when you work retail, you do a lot of on-the-clock ambling and hiding behind racks of clothes to avoid authority figures). After quitting my job at Shirt Folding Store, I had only been back to the mall a handful of times, but I recently fell into some money and needed to stock up on my freelance writer essentials of stretch pants, Uggs and a new laptop case.

Upon entering the first store of my mall return, I set off what would be the beginning of many retail greeting booby traps. If you've shopped in a big-box store or mall-only chain store in the last ten years, then you should be familiar with this phenomenon, too: Once you cross the threshold into a retail outlet, someone hidden deep on the sales floor shouts "HEY, GUYS!" at the top of his or her lungs. You try to spot the source of the scream, but are tricked by well-dressed mannequins and racks of shiny things. They scream again. "GUYS, be sure to check out our awesome T-shirt promo going on alllllll weekend!" This is the state of customer service in retail in 2014.

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