COjacks, a Colorado Currency, Starts Circulating Tomorrow

Meet Colorado's own local currency, COjacks.
When the phrase "buy local" is uttered, what does it really mean? Friends Deacon Rodda and Brok McFerron spent a long time thinking about the concept and saw many opportunities within the local business community to make "buy local" a true reality. So on Friday, August 22, Rodda and McFerron -- along with an ever-expanding network of businesses -- will launch COjacks, Colorado's own local currency.

Working in conjunction with the U.S. dollar, COjacks is an alternative currency that will circulate only within businesses in its network, providing the groundwork for a truly regional-specific, sustainable local economy. To find out how, exactly, this new currency will work, Westword chatted with Rodda about the vision behind the creation of COjacks.

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Fancy Tiger celebrates its eighth birthday with a bash on Saturday

Photo by Mauricio Rocha
The owners of Fancy Tiger, the clothing store, and Fancy Tiger Crafts will celebrate their eight-year run of keeping Denver stocked with stylish wears on Saturday, June 28. Although both stores are throwing parties, each will have a different atmosphere and festivities.

"The anniversary is a celebration of the customers and the staff," says Fancy Tiger Clothing co-owner Matthew Brown. "My staff and designers help me to express and realize my vision. It is also a celebration of the Denver community. My vision alone is not enough. I need creative people to help bring it together."

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The hidden beauty of West Side Books and the indie bookstores of Denver

I scored a bounty of Dare Wright books from West Side Books.
I don't read books. Really. I used to be ashamed of this, but then I realized that I read thousands of words every day -- they just come in the form of online articles and, when I'm lucky, physical copies of magazines. I've been a voracious magazine reader since I learned how to read; I love longform, investigative pieces, clips, tips and factoids. I love well-curated publications, beautiful photo spreads and regular columnists. My favorite authors are those with a magazine past, people like Joan Didion and Chuck Klosterman.

But despite the fact that I don't read books, I do love book stores. This past weekend, during the Highlands Street Fair, I was working a table for a friend's non-profit and I wandered into West Side Books to see if I could use the bathroom. But I was stopped in my restroom pursuit by a handful of books I hadn't seen in twenty years sitting high on a shelf, too far from my reach. I had to see these books.

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West Elm celebrates local goods with a launch party Friday

Categories: Events, Shopping

Watercolors by Kelsey McNatt will be featured at West Elm.
West Elm Local will launch on Friday, June 13, celebrating a partnership between the home-decor store and Denver artists. Bringing a Mile High flair to high-end furniture, the gathering is also an opportunity to meet the artists behind local goods. "We'll show a lot of unique, handmade art and it just adds some interest and intrigue to what we're doing here," says West Elm manager Barbara Sidey.

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Unleashed by Petco wags its tail for a new location on Colfax

The inside of the brand-new Unleashed by Petco at Colfax.
Unleashed by Petco, a chain that's popping up all around the country, prides itself on being butt-sniffing friendly. "We make it a priority to be involved in the community that surrounds us," says Margaret Aareberg, general manager of the Unleashed by Petco that will open this weekend at 3615 East Colfax Avenue. "We are hoping to take part in the events that happen in our part of town, we would like to set up a table at City Park Jazz and hand out free goodies."

But first, to celebrate the store's grand opening, it will host festivities for pets and pet lovers alike the weekends of May 31-June 1, June 7-8 and June 14-15.

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Clothes to Kids Denver is expanding its space -- so it can expand the kids it helps

Categories: Shopping

Clothes to Kids Denver, a non-profit organization that provides free clothing for school-aged children, has temporarily closed its doors for a construction project. But when all of the work is done, Clothes to Kids will have doubled its physical space -- allowing the organization to serve more kids.

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R. L. Linden & Co. fuses organic ingredients with good intention to create eco-conscious skincare

Courtesy of R.L. Linden
From the ingredients in the products to the packaging, R.L. Linden uses sustainable, kind-to-the-earth materials.
Robin King and Lynn Till had been running in the same social circles for years before the two sat down and realized they shared a passion for beauty products. "She just randomly said to me one day, I don't know why I'm telling you this, but would you like to make lotions together," Till says with a laugh about King's approach. "I pretty much freaked out on her; as a creative outlet, I had been mixing teas and flower essences at home for years. It kind of just took off from there."

The duo's skincare line R.L. Linden -- named after Robin and Lynn and the Linden tree found all over Colorado -- took shape early in 2013 and they began putting products on very select local store shelves last August. Focusing on all-organic products, Till and King create their small-batch line by hand, using formulations they have perfected through many cycles of testing and trying things on themselves.

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Ruby + George's pop-up shop at Goldyn merges designer goods with the American West

Categories: Fashion, Shopping

A vintage Chanel display table and handcrafted turquoise jewelry typify the Ruby + George aesthetic.
Ian Kennedy's eye for style is in his genes. His family was in the antiques business, and as a child he'd go to auctions with his grandparents, seeking out items for their Native American and vintage store. Though that spot closed long ago, Kennedy has revived it through Ruby + George, the online shop named after his grandparents that features an expertly curated selection of antiques, designer pieces, and items with a uniquely Southwestern style. This Thursday, May 15, at Goldyn, Kennedy will unveil a window installation featuring Ruby + George finds and touting his pop-up shop of curated goods inside the boutique.

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Denver bags a new Timbuk2 store in Larimer Square

Categories: Openings, Shopping

Courtesy of Timbuk2
Classic Messenger
Timbuk2, which made a name for itself with its bicycle messenger bags, is about to open its second retail location outside of its home base of San Francisco. The new store, which will open on May 3, is at 1411 Larimer Street, where it will join the line of specialty shops along that historic block. And while Timbuk2 seems a perfect fit not just for Larimer Square but Colorado's outdoorsy culture, the bag it produces has a culture all its own.

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Frock Shop returns for a third time Saturday -- in a new location

Categories: Fashion, Shopping

Want to buy designer fashions cheap? Don't miss the third annual frock shop on Saturday, April 26, at its new location: the Second Story at Denver Book Binding. Among the boutiques selling their goods this year are Goldyn, Blush, Nest, Anna Be and Token Threads.

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