Long Island Medium Taught Me It Isn't About Being Psychic; It's About Healing by Listening

Last night, as I sat inside a packed 1STBANK Center with a bunch of ladies who looked like my mom, I waited for Theresa Caputo to appear and wondered what exactly I was going to see. How does someone like Caputo, known to the world as the Long Island Medium, channel what she calls "spirit" in an arena full of people who are all crossing their fingers and hoping she would pick (or be picked by) one of our dead relatives?

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Veda Salon and Spa Introduces the Mandala Club, an Urban Oasis

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All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
CEO of Veda Spa and Salon Carrie Perkins outside 1717 Champa Street.
Veda Salon and Spa, a small, Colorado-based chain, has had a location in the Hotel Monaco for almost two decades -- but the downtown Denver spa just launched a new VIP program, The Mandala Club, which offers amenities that are guaranteed to calm your chaotic urban life. We recently visited Veda and chatted with CEO Carrie Perkins about the spa's services and the new club.

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iKE ALLEN on Tonight's Premiere of Reverend Yolanda's Old-Time Gospel Hour: The Movie

Reverend Yolanda brings her drag persona into her work as an interfaith minister.
Boulder filmmaker iKE ALLEN told friends that he was hoping to make The Rocky Horror Picture Show of country music. Days later, he got a call from Reverend Yolanda, a New York City-based drag queen and minister who was using her campy performances to spread the word of the Lord. Yolanda was interested in starring in a documentary, she said, and without hesitation, ALLEN bit. Now, a year later, he will premiere his film Reverend Yolanda's Old Time Gospel: The Movie at Boulder's First Congregational Church tonight, with another showing tomorrow at Denver's Center for Spiritual Living. In advance of the premiere, we caught up with iKE ALLEN to talk about the movie and his trouble booking venues.

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Adironnda, a Spokesbeing from the 17th Dimension, Will Be at Isis Tomorrow

Marilyn Harper will be at Isis Bookstore on Saturday with Adironnda.
Isis Bookstore will host a spokesbeing from the 17th dimension, Adironnda, at the store tomorrow. In advance of her appearance, we spoke with Marilyn Harper, who is the human channel for Adironnda. "The mode of the wake-up call is question and answer," she says. "If something is blocking you, we can start to remove it. We can activate a project or provide some new insight on a quest. The event is completely interactive. We sit and we talk. It is based on the audience's needs and orders and we gather over divine order."

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Medium Rebecca Rosen helped me connect to my dead relatives and find my spirit guides

In the hours before my coveted appointment with Rebecca Rosen, a local medium and author with a years-long waiting list, I was in full-fledged panic-turned-tantrum mode. Though I had gleefully picked up the chance to get a once-in-a-lifetime reading with Rosen weeks earlier, that excitement had worn off by the time the date approached. Frankly, I didn't want to mess with my dead relatives; it seemed inappropriate. I talk to them all the time on my own through prayer and meditation and late-night freakouts, but I had never really thought about them talking back: It was a one-way street, and I was fine with that. (We control freaks see life this way.)

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Erica Sodos gets metaphysical at the Mercury Cafe

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All photos by Mauricio Rocha
Abracadabra: She's out of the box with a wand of her own. Erica Sodos is a magician, psychic entertainer and motivational speaker currently in residence at the Mercury Cafe. In advance of her May 31 show there, The Magic Within: Psychic Explorations in Telepathy and Empathy, we chatted with Sodos to learn what motivates her magic.

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James Mhoon on Focus on the Family's new documentary and God's perfect design for family

Tim Sisarich stars in Focus on the Family's new documentary, Irreplaceable.
Does God exist and, if so, has he provided humanity with a perfect design for family structure? James Mhoon thinks so. As vice president of Content Development and Integration for the Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family, he leads the organization's charge to spread the word about the importance of the "good, old-fashioned traditional family."

The organization's latest project, Irreplaceable, is a documentary that tells the story of Tim Sisarich, who leaves his wife and children in New Zealand to travel the world seeking out the best models of parenthood. He interviews a carefully curated slew of sociologists, self-proclaimed feminists and religious scholars. After encountering these rather homogenous scholars who believe in the essential differences between men and women, the superiority of heterosexual marriage and the necessity of fatherhood, Sisarich adopts the beliefs of the funding organization and reconciles with his own absentee dad.

In advance of May 6 screenings of Irreplaceable, Westword spoke with Mhoon about the documentary and his work at Focus on the Family.

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The four most cannabis-unfriendly events this 4/20 weekend

Ludlow photograph from the Pueblo History Museum
While 4/20 is celebrated by stoners worldwide, Coloradans do it better than anybody else: A day of unity and political activism where participants can spend their every waking moment consuming cannabis is hard to beat, holiday-wise. But April 20 this year also happens to be Easter Sunday and the fifth night of Passover. While kicking off your private seder with a kush Kiddush, or hunting for medible-stuffed Easter eggs while gorging on Peeps and Cadbury cremes with a group of fellow adult stoners, are both fine ways to celebrate this unique confluence of holidays, most official celebrations this weekend are either religious or kid-centric in nature. As such, there will be no kind of any kind encouraged. While no one can prevent you from attending any of these events under the influence, if you show up red-eyed and reeking, be prepared for askance glances from concerned parents and clergy -- particularly if you keep giggling at the phrase "askance glances."

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Andy Thomas on Hell is in New Jersey, Etgar Keret and Shel Silverstein

Reading is about more than following a narrative or learning facts; it can also be a profound shared experience that culminates in a better understanding of ourselves and each other. In that spirit, welcome to the Westword Book Club, a bi-weekly feature celebrating the books that inspire Denver artists.

After a brief hiatus, the Westword Book Club is back to conclude our series chronicling the reading habits of Denver area Andys. This week's Andy is Andy Thomas, a local musician and gadabout who recently self-published his debut novel, Hell is in New Jersey, which takes place in a gift shop on the border of Hell. He's also been the vocalist and guitarist of Tin Horn Prayer and released a solo album featuring songs inspired by Coen Brothers films called Andy Thomas' Dust Heart. Thomas plays drums for The Knew, too, which will be performing at the Snowball Music Festival at Sports Authority Stadium April 4 through April 6.

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Denver Art Museum brings art and yoga together with "Union with the Divine"

After taking a closer look at the art housed on the fifth floor of the Denver Art Museum, the Asian Art Association and museum planners started thinking. These galleries, home to the DAM's Asian and Indian folk art collections, contained many figures in yoga poses -- feet placed just so, hands in positions of intention. This observation led to the creation of "Union with the Divine: Art History of Yoga," set for Wednesday, March 12 -- a combination tour, lecture and yoga class based on the art.

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