This Weekend: Eat Like It's Still Summer and Help This Refugee Soccer Team Get a Ride

Jason Hicks (third from right) and his hot kicks, The Niyakko Rush.
Here's an idea: If, like me, you are bored to tears with the corporatization of sport and want to celebrate in some way those who play for pure love of the game -- and maybe grab a burger, some hot dogs, and a cheap car wash in the bargain -- then I've got a deal for you. Point your car to the heart of Aurora this Saturday afternoon and make the acquaintance of Niyakko Rush, a grass-roots soccer club of talented and dedicated young refugees who just really, really, really want to play.

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For a modest donation -- whatever you, Mr. or Ms. Consumer, feels is fair -- you can get your car washed and be well fed. And meet some soccer fiends who are so tight, so wildly enmeshed in this idea of teamwork, that they named their club after a Burmese term that means "brother."

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Photos: The USA Pro Challenge Races Into a Fabulous Finale at Civic Center Park

After mastering a grueling and spectacular seven-stage route through scenic valleys and over mountain passes, the cyclists of the USA Pro Challenge 2014 rolled into town for an urban finale on Denver streets. Not surprisingly, U.S. cyclist Tejay Van Garderen rode away with the overall title for the second year in a row. All photos by Ken Hamblin.

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Score Big with From Deep, Brett Kashmere's basketball documentary

From Deep
From Deep, an experimental documentary about basketball, plays Saturday.
Basketball is "the sport that best defines the 21st-century American experience," argues Brett Kashmere, talking about the subject of his documentary From Deep, which will screen at the Sidewinder Tavern on Saturday, August 16. The cinematic essay explores basketball, hip-hop, and the way the progressive narrative of race relations in the United States coincides with the commercialization of music and sports.

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These four players helped desegregate the NFL; watch Forgotten Four at Mile High

Forgotten Four: The Integration of Pro Football
Forgotten Four: The Integration of Pro Football tells the story of the segregation and integration of the NFL.

Who was the first African American to play Major League Baseball? Jackie Robinson, of course. Larry Doby and Hank Thompson, two other black ball players who joined the majors in 1947, aren't remembered as well, although they experienced the same brutal racism that Robinson did. And although Robinson is often credited with transforming all professional sports in the United States, there were other athletes who did their part.

The documentary, Forgotten Four: The Integration of Pro Football introduces four of the first African American football players to enter the NFL after its reintegration in 1946. Reintegration? That's right. The film tells a critical and forgotten history of the ebbs and flows of race relations in the NFL from racial cooperation to segregation and back through desegregation.

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Think you're the best at air hockey? Prove it at the Denver County Fair.
Justin Lee
There's no crying in air hockey.
There's no crying in air hockey.Do you consider yourself a gladiator in the arcade?

When the Denver County Fair hosts the 2014 Air Hockey World Championships next weekend, all of Colorado's rec-room warriors are free to join -- but the competition sounds stiff.

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World Football Film Festival kicks off this week

Denver Film Society
Screenshot from "Pelada"
Denver has scored its first World Football Film Festival just in time for the World Cup, which starts June 12. Sponsored by Denver Film Society, America Scores Denver, Soccer Electric and Three Lions Pub, the inaugural festival will run June 5 through June 8 at the Sie FilmCenter.

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Nick Gossert on Lucha Libre & Laughs, and the connection between comics and wrestlers

Geoff Decker
Gossert refereeing Luchador Fuego
The Lucha Libre & Laughs showcase is clearly a labor of love for producer Nick Gossert. A filmmaker, comedian and bumbling referee, Gossert is responsible for not only booking the funniest comics in Denver, but also juggling the schedules of all the wrestlers involved, renting the ring and doing the lion's share of promotion. Despite the challenge of putting this all together, and a few minor setbacks, the Lucha Libre & Laughs with celebrate its one-year anniversary with Laughmania! on Sunday, May 11. This edition event features comedians Deacon Gray, Kevin O'Brien, Kristin Rand and Chuck Roy, with wrestlers Delta Jr., El Tecolote, Matt Classic and International Superstar Colt Cabana, and running color commentary from Jordan Doll and Nate Balding. In honor of Sunday's special evening of gutbusters and backbreakers, Westword caught up with Gossert to look back on a year of shows, discuss his love of cheesy Lucha movies, and the similarities between comedy and wrestling.

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Denver Art Museum brings art and yoga together with "Union with the Divine"

After taking a closer look at the art housed on the fifth floor of the Denver Art Museum, the Asian Art Association and museum planners started thinking. These galleries, home to the DAM's Asian and Indian folk art collections, contained many figures in yoga poses -- feet placed just so, hands in positions of intention. This observation led to the creation of "Union with the Divine: Art History of Yoga," set for Wednesday, March 12 -- a combination tour, lecture and yoga class based on the art.

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Wells Fargo Ski Cup showcases paralympic athletes this weekend at Winter Park

Serving more than 3,000 amateur and professional athletes a year, Colorado's National Sports Center for the Disabled has been working with people with disabilities since 1970. Starting as a place for children with amputations to take ski lessons, the NSCD has grown into a training facility for some of the world's top Paralympic athletes. And this weekend, Winter Park host the 39th annual Wells Fargo Ski Cup, the organization's signature fundraiser and a showcase for these winter sports experts.

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Alex and Ani design Bronco bangle in time for Super Bowl XLVIII

Photo courtesy of Alex and Ani
Wondering how to accessorize your Denver Broncos jersey for that big Super Bowl party on Sunday? Look no further than Rhode Island-based jewelers Alex and Ani, who have crafted a bracelet featuring the Denver Broncos logo -- and with the NFL's permission, which means no cranky cease-and-desist letters that the Denver Broncos legal team has been sending to businesses that use its "Broncos marks" without permission.

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