Think you're the best at air hockey? Prove it at the Denver County Fair.
Justin Lee
There's no crying in air hockey.
There's no crying in air hockey.Do you consider yourself a gladiator in the arcade?

When the Denver County Fair hosts the 2014 Air Hockey World Championships next weekend, all of Colorado's rec-room warriors are free to join -- but the competition sounds stiff.

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World Football Film Festival kicks off this week

Denver Film Society
Screenshot from "Pelada"
Denver has scored its first World Football Film Festival just in time for the World Cup, which starts June 12. Sponsored by Denver Film Society, America Scores Denver, Soccer Electric and Three Lions Pub, the inaugural festival will run June 5 through June 8 at the Sie FilmCenter.

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Nick Gossert on Lucha Libre & Laughs, and the connection between comics and wrestlers

Geoff Decker
Gossert refereeing Luchador Fuego
The Lucha Libre & Laughs showcase is clearly a labor of love for producer Nick Gossert. A filmmaker, comedian and bumbling referee, Gossert is responsible for not only booking the funniest comics in Denver, but also juggling the schedules of all the wrestlers involved, renting the ring and doing the lion's share of promotion. Despite the challenge of putting this all together, and a few minor setbacks, the Lucha Libre & Laughs with celebrate its one-year anniversary with Laughmania! on Sunday, May 11. This edition event features comedians Deacon Gray, Kevin O'Brien, Kristin Rand and Chuck Roy, with wrestlers Delta Jr., El Tecolote, Matt Classic and International Superstar Colt Cabana, and running color commentary from Jordan Doll and Nate Balding. In honor of Sunday's special evening of gutbusters and backbreakers, Westword caught up with Gossert to look back on a year of shows, discuss his love of cheesy Lucha movies, and the similarities between comedy and wrestling.

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Denver Art Museum brings art and yoga together with "Union with the Divine"

After taking a closer look at the art housed on the fifth floor of the Denver Art Museum, the Asian Art Association and museum planners started thinking. These galleries, home to the DAM's Asian and Indian folk art collections, contained many figures in yoga poses -- feet placed just so, hands in positions of intention. This observation led to the creation of "Union with the Divine: Art History of Yoga," set for Wednesday, March 12 -- a combination tour, lecture and yoga class based on the art.

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Wells Fargo Ski Cup showcases paralympic athletes this weekend at Winter Park

Serving more than 3,000 amateur and professional athletes a year, Colorado's National Sports Center for the Disabled has been working with people with disabilities since 1970. Starting as a place for children with amputations to take ski lessons, the NSCD has grown into a training facility for some of the world's top Paralympic athletes. And this weekend, Winter Park host the 39th annual Wells Fargo Ski Cup, the organization's signature fundraiser and a showcase for these winter sports experts.

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Alex and Ani design Bronco bangle in time for Super Bowl XLVIII

Photo courtesy of Alex and Ani
Wondering how to accessorize your Denver Broncos jersey for that big Super Bowl party on Sunday? Look no further than Rhode Island-based jewelers Alex and Ani, who have crafted a bracelet featuring the Denver Broncos logo -- and with the NFL's permission, which means no cranky cease-and-desist letters that the Denver Broncos legal team has been sending to businesses that use its "Broncos marks" without permission.

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How to survive Super Bowl XLVIII if you hate the Broncos or don't care about football

Phillip Posten
I am at a loss for words.
I've kept my mouth shut on the topic of professional sports for most of my time as a writer. I don't even talk about how much I despise the majority of the culture that comes with it on Facebook (I save those complaints for Twitter). But I know I can't be the only one who suffers in silence this time of year. Denver is especially bad this January; I have seen the most unsuspecting of my friends become Broncos-outfitted zombies. My neighborhood -- which is basically a parking lot for Mile High Stadium at Sports Authority Field anyway -- becomes an idiot zone, as people drive up and down the street honking and screaming like lunatics. And don't even get me started on that bogus "nonprofit," the NFL. I work part-time for a nonprofit. The NFL being considered a nonprofit offends me.

Though I cannot escape the tide of putrid orange and blue that has temporarily washed away the IQs of my fellow citizens, I've come up with a list of ways to survive Super Bowl XLVIII -- even though you won't be able to fully escape its taint unless you leave the planet until February 3.

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Celebrate culture with these Mexican Independence Day events

Kim Robards Dance.
Mexican Independence Day might take a lower profile than Cinco de Mayo here in Denver, but that doesn't mean our Latino community -- and the rest of the town -- doesn't kick up its heels for El Grito de la Independencia: Mexico's real independence day (as opposed to Cinco), which is traditionally celebrated on September 16. Here are a few ways to weigh in on the party.

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Lucha Libre & Laughs will make wrestling funny on purpose this Sunday

Don-John Kulish
Featuring bouts of professional wrestling and stand-up comedy performances from local favorites Nate Balding, Brad Galli, Bobby Crane and Deacon Gray, Lucha Libre & Laughs, happening this Sunday, presents a strange hybrid of entertainment.

Hosted by everyone's second-favorite lounge lizard, the ribald Bobby Valentino, the main focus of the evening will be wrestling matches between both American wrestlers and lucha legends such as Golden Star, El Tecolote, Broke Back Billy, Arik Angel, Fuerza Chicanana and Joker Girl, with running color commentary throughout the night from comedians and wrestling fans Sam Tallent and Nathan Lund.

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Ten "sports" that you've probably never heard of, let alone played

Categories: Lists, Sports

One of the games at Sunday Funday: Giant Jenga.
Every Sunday is a funday at Viewhouse Eatery Bar and Rooftop, and there's a good reason why: games like dunk tank and yard sports like corn hole and giant Jenga.

In the spirit of unusual sports and games -- that are typically only enjoyed with a drink in hand -- here is a list of ten "sports" you probably have never played. They're much more extreme than what you'll find at View House, so prepare yourself.

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