Birdseed Collective Brightens RTD Bus Stops With Art Through the P.S. You Are Here Project

BirdseedAnthonySr Instagram
Bus bench at 45th and Broadway.
With a grant from the city of Denver, Birdseed Collective is beautifying RTD bus benches in its own Globeville/Elyria/Swansea neighborhood. With two benches already finished and four more on the way, the art and community service collective is working with LiveWell Colorado on the P.S. You Are Here Grant to not only bring art to these bus stops, but actual places to rest where there used to be none.

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When in Reykjavík -- or Denver: Linda Björk Eiríksdóttir on the Art of Yarn Storming

Helgi Eiríkur Eyjólfsson,
Linda Björk Eiríksdóttir decorating a pole with yarn.
Yarnbombing or yarn storming, as it's called in places like the UK and Iceland, is an international revolution; here in Denver, the Ladies Fancywork Society's work has brightened random street corners and local art museums alike. Now, Icelandic yarn stormer Linda Björk Eiríksdóttir, aka BarbaKnit, has come from Reykjavík to lead local participants in a yarn-storming action in Civic Center Park Saturday as part of the Taste of Iceland, a touring event bringing the frigid island's food, drink, music and culture to American cities.

In advance of the event, we asked Eiríksdóttir to explain why she just can't stop decorating things with yarn. Keep reading for the full Q & A.

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Five classic arcade games that deserve the OhHeckYeah treatment

Categories: Games, Street Art

Frogger: even more fun when played in the actual street.
Before gamers had the option to kill each other anonymously via the Internet, they had to gather in real-world arcades to do it. In that arena, friendships were made, rivalries were born and a good time was had by all. Those days are long gone, but this summer OhHeckYeah is turning Champa Street into a giant arcade to return a sense of camaraderie and fun to video games. Three blocks of Champa, from 14th Street to the 16th Street Mall, will play host to three custom-designed games this summer, turning the city's cultural center into a giant, immersive gaming experience. The simple, engaging multiplayer games are designed to be easy to play, and all of them make players use their bodies to control the action, which should lead to some good times for players and onlookers alike. On the eve of this ambitious street arcade's launch, we got to wondering what classic arcade games might work well in the body-controlled, street-filling format of OhHeckYeah's creations. Here are five that would make the jump beautifully.

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Hoodlab will be leaving its home on Larimer at the end of July

Antonio Valenzuela
Hoodlab will be leaving its home in RiNo next month. The owners of the HoodLamb clothing line, which celebrates hemp and got its start in Amsterdam, moved their business into the building at 33rd and Larimer streets almost two years ago, and quickly turned it into a gathering place known for art, culture and cannabis parties as well as clothing.

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Jolt honors cycling in his latest mural at the Oskar Blues-owned Cyclhops in Longmont

Categories: Art, Street Art

On New Year's Eve, the Longmont-based Oskar Blues brewery will open the latest in its ever-expanding empire of craft-beer-themed restaurants and businesses. Cyclhops Bike CANtina, at 600 Airport Road in Longmont, will be a Mexican-style restaurant with twenty beers on tap, along with 43 premium tequilas and room for 300 people.

But it will also serve as a showcase for well-known graffiti artist Jolt, a Denver local, Westword MasterMind and artistic mover and shaker who was most recently spotted decorating the side of Little Man Ice Cream.

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Jolt collaborates with Little Man to give LoHi a new landmark

Alex Brown
LoHi is one of the hottest real estate markets in town -- and Little Man Ice Cream is one of the businesses that's made the area so cool. The man behind the iconic Little Man just teamed up with Jolt, a graffiti artist and Westword MasterMind, to create another landmark for the neighborhood: a mural behind Little Man.

"We felt that Jolt, with his native roots in the neighborhood, was the perfect artist for our initial concept," says Paul Tamburello, owner of Little Man and the visionary behind the LoHi Marketplace, a bustling hub of retailers and restaurants in Lower Highland that's located in and around the original Olinger's complex.

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Menswear Mondays: Drawer Daniel Donez on his autumn fashion

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
Sunday brought the start of autumn, and Denver's street style reflected that transition. For progressive menswear, we didn't need to look further than Daniel Donez, a local student and artist we spotted carrying his own artwork that complemented his black and white look. Keep reading to learn where he shops, his favorite accessory and his style icon.

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Photos: Ooh la la! Denver Art Museum goes Parisian

All photos by Nate Hemmert
The Denver Art Museum gave its outdoor plaza a Parisian makeover this week, complete with café tables, streetlamps and even a few local artists painting in the courtyard. The transformation was designed to announce the start of public ticket sales for DAM's fall exhibit, Passport to Paris, and a fifteen-foot Eiffel Tower and the Colorado Symphony Horn Ensemble, along with a fresh crepe cart and the Bistro Bus, helped transport passersby on Tuesday afternoon. Keep reading for a look at Paris on the Platte.

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Denver StreetHeart encourages people to connect with the city through street art

Categories: Street Art

Mural by Keno Gonzales at 5th Sun Cafe.
Adam Lichty wants Denverites to walk more -- and see a lot more. That's the motivation for Denver Streetheart, which collects street art from around the city and shares photos on Instagram with Lichty's 1,500 followers. But he doesn't want the experience to stop there. He wants people to go out and see the art for themselves. "One of the many goals is to get people to see the work, know where the work is at," he explains. "If they're out and about with a little bit of time, or if they're going from point A to B, it's really easy just to hop on the Instagram channel, look at the map and go, 'Okay, what's around me? Can I diverge my path by a block or two and enjoy some street art?'"

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ArtLab helps to create the newest mural in the Globeville community

Emilie Johnson
What was once just an I-70 underpass at the corner of 46th Avenue and Lincoln Street in Globeville is being transformed into a work of art.

With the help of well-known muralist Jolt, a Westword MasterMind whose Guerilla Garden studio is in the area, kids in the PlatteForum's ArtLab are creating a one-of-a-kind mural focused on the history of the neighborhood. To help prepare for the project, the young artists researched the history of Globeville, so that this would be an accurate addition the community would be proud of.

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