Red Ball Denver struts for World AIDS Day on Sunday

Photos courtesy of Colorado AIDS Project

Fashion shows with intricate hairstyles, theatrical mak-up and haute couture are always a feast for the eyes. When the spectacle is for a good cause, it makes the entertainment a charitable effort. This is the case with Denver's Red Ball, now in in its sixth year. We spoke with Jeff Trujillo, Colorado AIDS Project manager of marketing and events in advance of the show -- which takes place Sunday, November 30, at Exdo Event Center -- to find out what makes this fashion show so unique and what surprises are in store for guests.

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On Trend: Graphic Prints at ArtDenver and on Broadway

All photos by Mauricio o. Rocha
Geoffrey Mac shows his collection at ArtDenver.
Bright and bold graphic-printed fashion is all the rage these days. Over the past week, we've noticed photographic imagery printed on everything from skirts to socks, and everywhere from the streets to the runway. Read on to learn more about these graphics, how to wear them, and why people like picturesque images on their clothing.

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Fake Diamonds Relaunches with Pop Up Shop at Love Gallery tonight

Photo courtesy of Dillon Morton
The start of Dillon Morton's clothing company, Fake Diamonds, came in 2009, "when I first learned to convert an art piece of mine in photoshop to have screen-printed on a shirt," he recalls. "After I was able to sell those initial twelve shirts, I went for it and designed about five other shirts and worked with a close friend of mine, Mike Pack, to create a website and Lookbook.

"From there, the goal was to continue learning and pushing what we could do with each collection we released," Morton explains. And tonight he'll relaunch Fake Diamonds with a pop-up shop at Love Gallery.

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On Trend: Waiting for Alexander Wang at H&M

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
H&M just unveiled its annual designer collection, this time a collaboration with Alexander Wang. In the hours leading up to Thursday's release, we chatted with some of the diehard fashionistas who were waiting in line by the H&M at Denver Pavilions so that they could shop the collection first. Keep reading to learn what inspires their style, and why they love Alexander Wang so much.

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On Trend: Dr. Martens and Punk Fashion

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
With fall in full swing, boots are hitting the streets. This week we spotted Dr. Marten on trend for both guys and girls. Read on to find out about the street styles of Max Jackson and Piper Shepherd, who're both rocking Dr. Martens.

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On Trend: Sweater Weather Brings Out Layers and Earth Tones

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
With fall in full swing and temperatures changing by the hour, it's prime time for cardigans. We noticed retailer Mario Charleston sporting a layered look in an all-natural palette at the Denver Pavilions and Lindsey Jackson sporting her layered look near the State Capital building. Read on to learn where Charleston and Jackson shop and what inspires them to wear earth-tone layers.

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Ryan Alexander Creative Launches Local Lounge To Highlight Denver Fashion

All photos by Chelsie Kappius

The inner circle of Denver's fashion scene turned out Thursday for Local Lounge, a networking event hosted by Ryan Alexander Creative that was intended to showcase some of Denver's fashion designers to the media and to each other.

"We started this event is to bring awareness to Denver's weird underground fashion scene that nobody knows about, but it is definitely here," says Ryan Alexander, the principal founder and creator of Ryan Alexander Creative.

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On Trend: Zombie Style Slays the Streets

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
Scares and style collided on October 18, when the annual Zombie Crawl filled the 16th Street Mall with zombies, blood and surprisingly good fashion. During the event, we spotted two local make-up artists who went all out with their looks for the day; keep reading to find out more on how they came up with their costumes.

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On Trend: Flannel Is a Hit in LoDo and on Campus

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
Flannel is a fall fashion staple, and this week we have spotted the seventeenth-century textile all over the Denver streets. The fabric once worn by farmers, railroad workers and grunge rockers like Nirvana and Pearl Jam in the '90s remains on trend today. Over the years, flannel has transitioned from being a workman's shirt, built to endure the natural elements, to becoming go-to autumn piece for any Colorado fashionista. Flannel is versatile, durable and warm. Read on to learn how locals rock their flannel and why they like it so much.

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Sully & Co., a Menswear Boutique, Opening in Jefferson Park

All photos courtesy Sully & Co.
"Our brick-and-mortar business is focused on allowing a comfortable and inviting location where shoppers can touch and feel excellent-quality, American-made apparel," says Mark Snipe, owner of Sully & Co., a menswear boutique opening tomorrow at 2443 Elliot Street in up-and-coming Jefferson Park. Snipe is a New Yorker who moved to Denver last October; the name of his place is based on the premise that Sully is Snipe's dog -- and he is the company. The name isn't the only thing that sets Sully & Co. apart from other local stores. The style Snipe is emphasizing here is "Urban Preppy." What is that? See for yourself at the opening reception October 2 -- and keep reading for more details.

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