Kitty Newlin is a festival fairy at the Westword Music Showcase

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
On Saturday, the Westword Music Showcase transformed the Golden Triangle into a block party -- make that blocks party. In the fashion-forward crowd that filled the streets, we spotted a woman with a pair of iridescent wings that raised her style above the rest. Keep reading to learn more about Denver native Kitty Newlin, who inspires her look and where she shops.

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"Reflections" celebrates a woman's inner beauty at the Fashion Design Center tomorrow

All photos by Mauricio Rocha
"Reflections": A Celebration of Beauty" should be a beauty of an event at the Fashion Design Center Denver on Friday, June 20. Developer Lisa Curwen connected with Lisa Eberlein to organize a fashion show inspired by the poem "Mirror, Mirror"; Eberlien also produced a special film that will premiere there. And Lisa Ramfjord Elstun, founder of the Fashion Design Center and a 2014 MasterMind, joined the project to create high-fashion designs using locally dyed silks. Together, the three Lisas will host a celebration for women of all ages, shapes and colors, one that shows where a woman's inner beauty really comes from.

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Pretty in punk: Writer Malaya Harris spotted at 17th and Glenarm

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
Punk style is not just for guys. We spotted Denver native Malaya Harris back home during a break from her classes in Chicago. She creates her own unique look by crafting accessories and personalizing her clothing; keep reading to discover what inspires her look and her style icons.

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Imperfect Circle Apparel creates chic smokewear

All photos by Mauricio Rocha
The legalization of marijuana has put Colorado at the forefront of social change, and the fashion community is evolving as well. Danica Harcourt and Jason Brown recently founded Imperfect Circle Apparel, a local clothing company that specializes in making more visually pleasing weed-fashion. Smokewear is going mainstream!

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Something old is made into something new: Vintage art accessories from Girl Creations

Categories: Fashion, Style

Acessories from Girl Creations
Shopping for something new? Correction: Shopping for something old made into something hip? Designer Michelle Knotz applied her artistic talents to creating cool, retro accessories for Girl Creations. Knotz took a few minutes away from her work to answer a few questions about her one-of-a-kind creations.

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Seven best fashion events in Denver in May

Categories: Fashion, Style

Brandon Marshall
May showers bring spring flowers, and that means a bouquet of fashion events to brighten your days. For animal lovers, there's the annual Handbags to Hounds fashion show; for the fashion faithful, the La Rue Fashion Showcase. Here are seven of the top fashion events in Denver set for May.

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Lil Fresh Sam on Infatue and the new Cultiver Collection, now online

Categories: Fashion, Style

All photos courtesy of Infatue
Infatue's new line of ready-to-wear pieces, the Cultiver Collection, has arrived just in time for spring. Samantha Aragon is known as Lil Fresh Sam in the fashion community for her brand, Infatue, that she launched two years ago. Infatue is rising in popularity nationally with Method Man and B.O.B recently sporting the brand, with more high-profile clients in the works. But Aragon has a personal goal for Denver: to put the city on the fashion map.

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Vivan Doan spotted rocking a corset on the Auraria Campus

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
Although spring in Denver runs hot and cold, the local street style is definitely heating up. We recently spotted a corset on campus, being rocked by none other than Vivan Doan, a student from Lafayette studying secondary education and English writing. Keep reading to learn her style icons, favorite accessories and where she shops.

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Student Craig Monte James spotted outside the Mayan

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
Men do not always put their outfits together with masculinity in mind. For some men fashion is conceptual -- as is the case with student Craig Monte James, spotted wearing overalls on Broadway. Keep reading to learn his favorite film, what inspires his fashion, and where he shops.

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TAMAGEAR, a Colorado outerwear company, hopes to cover its new line with Kickstarter

Categories: Style

Colorado company TAMAGEAR launched a Kickstarter campaign last month to bring its mid-layer jackets -- perfect outerwear for this ever-changing weather -- to the market. TAMAGEAR's product line is designed to keep customers warm, comfortable and stylish during outdoor activities.

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