Six Holiday Markets for the Last of the Last-Minute Shopping in Denver

Shop for artisanal cheeses and more goodies, Sunday at Broken Shovels Farm.
It's never too late to find everything from original art to lovingly handmade confections and cheeses, so don't lose hope if you haven't finished your shopping. Read on for a list of the best places to do it in style.

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Twelve Holiday Markets for Last-Minute Shopping in Denver

Buy an ornament and say so long to Blake Street Glass on December 13 and 14.
It's never too late to find everything from local fashion to goat-cheese pastries, so don't lose hope if you haven't finished your shopping. Read on for a list of the best places to do it in style.

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Twenty-five Holiday Markets in Denver in Early December

Find Elizabeth Truglio's "Winter Hills," at the DAVA Holiday Art Bazaar.
The art of craft can include everything from affordable art to locally-designed clothing to handmade everything and, in Colorado, to limited-edition microbrewed beers. All make great gifts -- or little presents to ourselves -- and in keeping, there's a show or market in the metro area with just the right stuff for everyone on your list as the holiday shopping season shifts into high gear. Get organized! Our handy list of places to shop follows.

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Twenty-plus Places to Shop Local in Denver on Black Friday Weekend

Find great holiday deals at ArtsMyths, beginning today.
You can go to the mall. No one's going to stop you, if you're so inclined. And some people really do like the camaraderie of burning off Thanksgiving dinner by freezing to death in line to get into some big-box store and grab a doorbuster deal. But in the interest of thinking small in the most wonderful way -- by shopping local and supporting your neighborhood small businesses -- here's where to do it. Read on for a comprehensive list of markets, shows and Small Business Saturday deals.

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Twenty-Plus Holiday Shows and Markets for Gift-Buying in November
Have a handmade holiday with wares from Bella Calla and others at CHUN's Black Market.
The shift happens so fast, it's nearly imperceptible, but that won't last for long -- Halloween's over, and the holiday shopping season is on. Shopping handmade and local is the trend, and we've made it a little easier for you to navigate the best of the markets, sales and small business-friendly gift-buying options that proliferate after Daylight Savings Time ends. Keep reading for the first round, which we've updated from last week to include more November markets. And no worries if you're a procrastinator -- more to come in December.

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First Look: FashioNation Opens on South Broadway Friday

FashioNation's new location at 1594 South Broadway.
If you were ever a patron of FashioNation's iconic location on 13th Avenue in Capitol Hill, the new store on South Broadway -- which "officially" opens this Friday, October 10 -- should be comfortingly familiar. "If we took a screw down at the old store, it was used here at the new store," says co-owner Pam Italiano.

Pam and her husband and co-owner, Paul Italiano, have been hard at work over the last few weeks, transforming the former Packrat Antiques store into a bigger and better version of their counterculture haven for clothes, accessories and more. Along with their devoted staff, the Italianos brought to the new spot not only FashioNation's entire inventory, but the hardware, racks and even some of the doors and trim from the old location. Pam also built many of the store's fixtures by hand to fit this new and improved version of the classic shop.

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COjacks, a Colorado Currency, Starts Circulating Tomorrow

Meet Colorado's own local currency, COjacks.
When the phrase "buy local" is uttered, what does it really mean? Friends Deacon Rodda and Brok McFerron spent a long time thinking about the concept and saw many opportunities within the local business community to make "buy local" a true reality. So on Friday, August 22, Rodda and McFerron -- along with an ever-expanding network of businesses -- will launch COjacks, Colorado's own local currency.

Working in conjunction with the U.S. dollar, COjacks is an alternative currency that will circulate only within businesses in its network, providing the groundwork for a truly regional-specific, sustainable local economy. To find out how, exactly, this new currency will work, Westword chatted with Rodda about the vision behind the creation of COjacks.

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FashioNation Signs a New Lease on South Broadway

The Italiano family outside FashioNation's new digs at 1594 South Broadway.
Counterculture apparel staple FashioNation announced last week that it was leaving its location at 613 East 13th Avenue after almost thirty years -- but co-owner Paul Italiano promised that the store would be resurrected in a new spot. He was vague about the details, because the lease agreement was not solidified. Then over the weekend, Pam and Paul Italiano announced via Facebook that the store will be moving to 1594 South Broadway -- but not without some drama.

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FashioNation Leaves 13th Avenue After 27 Years but Will Live On at a New Denver Location

UPDATE: FashioNation has a new home. The nearly 30-year-old business will debut its new location on South Broadway on October 10. Owners Pam and Paul Italiano spent several weeks moving the furnishing and decor of the old store into the new space, which formerly housed Packrat Antiques, even removing a section of drywall containing signatures of famous bands that had visited the store. The new space will also merge FashioNation with its companion store, Babysitter's Nightmare.

It's a story all too common in Denver these days: Longtime businesses are being booted or forced to jump ship as rents rise and new owners take over hot properties (see the demise of Gabor's for a famous case). The latest is counterculture apparel mainstay FashioNation, which is saying goodbye to its 13th Avenue location after nearly three decades on the block.

"We were the first ones on that side of the street when it was just a piece of crap building," says owner Paul Italiano. "Then Imi Jimi moved in and the record stores were across the street and things started happening down there."

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Sheila Hydle will help you fuse with your inner artist at Glassateria

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
Sheila Hydle embarked on her new venture after the death of her father. "I wanted to use my inheritance to start something I'm passionate about," she explains. "I decided to do something different. Glass-cutting was the first thing that I felt passionate about. If my dad was here, I would still be in corporate America and unhappy."

But instead, she opened Glassateria, a studio that allows customers to become artists by working on their own glass-fusion project. "I love helping people feel creative and providing a place for them to let go of logic," Hydle says. "You can manipulate glass, but you can't control it."

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