Top ten menswear moments of 2013

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
Although 2013 is over, the fantastic street-style we encountered over the past twelve months is still on our minds. On the streets of Denver last year, we spotted everything from Marc Jacobs to A Clockwork Orange -inspired punk. Keep reading for our top ten menswear moments from 2013.

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Top ten womenswear moments of 2013

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
Last year we saw lots of exciting fashion on Denver's streets, sported by both residents of this city and visitors with a strong sense of style. Out of all the women we spotted in 2013, we've narrowed down our favorite looks to these ten, featuring everything from orange hair to prints to Louis Vuitton.

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Happy New Year from Show and Tell

Categories: Year in Review

Paint the town read!
Show and Tell is off for New Year's Day -- and you should be, too. Get out and enjoy this city's vibrant cultural scene (or at least find a spot with bottomless Bloody Marys). We'll be back early tomorrow morning.

Happy new year.

Fifteen arts flashbacks from 2013

Brandon Marshall
"Nick Cave: Sojourn," Denver Art Museum.
In 2013, we've gone to Paris at the Denver Art Museum and invited the rest of the world in for the city's second Biennial of the Americas, visited galleries in garages and warehouses, and found unexpected art wheat-pasted on brick walls, projected from LED screens and gracing billboards. To be fair, this list could go a lot longer, but for the sake of brevity, here are some of our favorite art flashbacks, in chronological order. Feel free to chime in with yours.

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100 Colorado Creatives: Reflections on an arts journalist's year well-spent

Colorado Creative #36: Samuel Schimek.
I've been at Westword for a long time, and during that two-decade stretch, my job description has changed and morphed. But in the present, I'm enjoying a renaissance of pure, unabashed fandom. This professional pastime reached a pinnacle for me in 2013 as I curated the 100 Colorado Creatives blog series, which gave me a chance to showcase a diverse milieu of artists and creatives in all disciplines, people whose fascinating and kaleidoscopic replies to similar questions have kept me -- and, I hope, my constituents -- intellectually satisfied and appreciative of what Denver has to offer. And it's also been interesting at year-end to look back on all of those strong personalities and creative thinkers -- read on for a sampler.

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Denver's ten best women's street styles of 2012

Thumbnail image for stella6.JPG
All photos by Mauricio Rocha
What a dazzling display of women's wear we witnessed in 2012! The spectrum of stylish females is wide and varied in Denver: from servers to fashion designers, makeup artists to comics. Keep reading for the most memorable looks we spotted in 2012, as well as the stories of the ladies who pulled these looks together -- and a peek into their purses.

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Denver's five best zombie moments of 2012

Aaron Thackeray
Every year, there are more and more zombie events in Denver. Zombie crawls, zombie balls, zombie burlesque, zombie proms, zombie car washes... it never stops. For those of us who can't get enough zombie action, it's like Christmas came early and often, only with more flesh-eating and less tinsel. For the rest of you, who are sick to death of zombies... well, we've got nothing for you. Maybe you'd like some werewolves better? In any case, as the year is coming to a close, we thought it was high time to look back at some of the year's best zombie moments.

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Denver's ten best men's street styles of 2012

All photos by Mauricio Rocha.
While this year is winding down in a frosty cold breath, it's the perfect time to look back on all the hot fashion that Denver saw this past year. By simply strutting down the street in high style, these men expressed their personalities....and made the city look good in the process.

Here are our top ten men's fashion moments -- and check out the fun stuff these guys keep in their bags. too!

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Twelve Denver arts flashbacks from 2012

Jetsonorama, Turecek Project, Action on the Plains.
Art-museum shows reigned in 2012, from a couple of demographic-busting blockbusters at the Denver Art Museum to a visual constellation of exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Arts Denver, the Colorado Photographic Arts Center and other satellites that paid tribute to a West Coast punk moment in time. But 2012 was also an excellent year for small galleries, where young artists gained a foothold, offering glimpses of nascent greatness.

Here are some of our favorite art flashbacks, in chronological order.

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