Zombie Films to Inspire Your Denver Zombie Crawl Look

Aaron Thackeray
A scene from the 2013 Denver Zombie Crawl.
During the ninth annual Denver Zombie Crawl on Saturday, more than 20,000 undead are expected to descend on the 16th Street Mall to strut their decaying stuff. In a crowd like that, it can be hard to stand out; fortunately, there's a near-infinite number of zombie movies from which you can draw inspiration. And I'm here to share the best ones to study, so that when you you walk like a zombie, you do so with style.

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Five Great Zombie Events in Denver in October

It's October in Denver and that means zombies -- lots and lots of zombies. From zombie crawls filling the mall to sexy zombies strutting their stuff, there's no shortage of weird, wild and fun ways to celebrate your love of the walking dead. To help make sure you don't miss any of them, or maybe to help you choose that one perfect undead-themed destination, we've compiled this list of Denver's five best zombie events for the month, presented in chronological order for easy planning purposes.

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Death of Brian Offers a Zombie's-Eye View at Boulder Fringe Fest

Kasandra Kincaid
Stories about a ragtag group of survivors braving a zombie apocalypse are everywhere, but such scenes are not the only way to spot a great zombie saga. After all, that's only half the story. Haven't you ever wondered how the other half lives (or unlives, as it were)?

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Zombies, Booze and the Pub Crawls of the Dead

Zombies and booze go great together because, well, booze goes great with everything. Besides, when the undead are clawing at your door, doing their best to feast on your entrails and you're trapped inside with no possible escape, do you want to face that fate sober? No. No, you do not. This Saturday, the End of the World Pub Crawl (starting at The Armoury, or one of several other bars on that same block) is celebrating the wonders of combining drinking and zombies by sending a horde of zombies to eat your brains as you attempt to complete a pub crawl and destroy those same brains with tasty, tasty alcohol. To get you in the spirit, we've compiled this handy list of films that put the experience of drinking in the undead apocalypse front and center -- or at least inspire your next movie-drinking game.

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Local filmmakers unleash zombie doc Doc of the Dead at SXSW

Theresa Mercado is just one zombie you may recognize in Doc of the Dead.
The past ten years have made it apparent that there is no more room in hell, because everywhere you look, the dead are walking the earth. Zombies are a genuine pop-cultural phenomenon, starring in cable TV's most popular show, sitting at the center of tentpole film franchises and appearing in more video games than Mario and Master Chief combined. And now, in the brand-new Doc of the Dead, our strange cultural fascination with the undead is getting the thorough post mortem it deserves.

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Five of the goriest zombie movies of all time

Where you find zombies, you will also find gore. Sure, there are zombie films that aren't particularly bloody, but they are the exception, not the rule. This is, after all, a genre where disembowelments are standard operating procedure. To stand out in this viscera-clotted field, a movie's got to be pretty grotesque, but plenty of filmmakers have risen to that challenge over the years, making some of the goriest films of all time. Films like Re-Animator (showing on Halloween in the VAC basement on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder) pushed the boundaries of good taste, knocked them over, then proceeded to stomp the boundaries' face into mush. For those who love that kind of gruesome mess, we've collated this list of some of zombiedom's most gorific films. Enjoy! (Caution: Clips are NSFW!)

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gore, zombies

Zombies: Will our undead obsession ever die?

Aaron Thackeray
Tired of this yet?
Zombies are everywhere. Zombie movies, zombie TV shows, zombie games, zombie books, zombie walks, zombie runs, zombie fashion shows -- the damn things are impossible to escape. Right here in Denver, there are so many zombie events happening this month that we dedicated a post just to listing them. For some of us -- myself included -- this is not a bad thing. Like Jello, there's always room for zombies. Plenty of other people feel differently. Maybe most people. And it makes me wonder -- is there a zombie backlash coming?

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The Undead Orchestra comes to life for the Bride of Frankenstein Saturday

Marcin Biegunajtys
The Colorado Symphony has been infected with a virus -- a terrible affliction that compels the group to play classic horror film soundtracks. But that's not all. "Oh, god, it's terrible," says Scott O'Neil, conductor of the Undead Orchestra. "They've been exhibiting these really strange mood swings and food cravings. I've been running for my life for the last two days."

Apparently the orchestra starting exhibiting zombie-like symptoms just a few days ago. "It could be the very first orchestra of all zombies in the history of mankind," says Tony Pierce, vice president of artistic operations.

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Larry Fessenden on Birth of the Living Dead

Birth of the Living Dead.
The zombification of America got its start in 1968, when George A. Romero and a bunch of his friends and colleagues released Night of the Living Dead, the scrappy little horror movie that could not only serve as patient zero in the ongoing pop-cultural zombie apocalypse, it also revolutionized horror as a genre and marked the birth of a new era in independent filmmaking. Now, 45 years later, Birth of the Living Dead (opening Friday, October 25. at the Sie FilmCenter) shines a light on the film's creation, the turbulent world that it was born into and its enduring influence to this day, both within the zombie genre and in the larger world. We spoke with executive producer Larry Fessenden about what to expect from the doc, how it came to be and why Night of the Living Dead still has such an impact.

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Photos: Denver nightlife, zombie-style

When the zombies stopped crawling downtown on Saturday, it was only the beginning of a long and living-dead night: The undead could then just march into a Zombie Crawl after-party at Casselman's or the Zombie Prom at the Meadowlark -- or both -- and continue to carry on into the wee hours. Photographers Eric Gruneisen and Philip Poston were on the job, and they brought back these images from both parties.

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